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Re: The Goo-Power Championship - Feedback

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:05 pm

Stitchy wrote:
SpiteAndMalice wrote: I wanted make something which catered to the tastes of players who wanted to play something which could have progression in it over a longer time period.
i hate to say this but technically u didnt went through the promotion yourself nor did half of the players in the 1st division , which is fine with me, but it seems to refute your point, ie progression for everyone except those that happened to sign up first ,which is the basic flaw in this system.
Like i said before imagine this with 5 or 6 divisions (which is your own idea), it would be a horrible grind.
Maybe you should check your facts viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1600
Stitchy wrote: I challenge you; if u ever get to 5+ divisions, sign up at the bottom and see if your love for progression still outweighs your sense of fair competition.

but i guess that is not going to happen soon
The league system for The Goo-Power Championship is based on an online game which I used to play called Hattrick

As you can see from their user statistics it's a game which is fairly popular.

The image below shows my progression within the game.
Hattrick Progression1.png
As you can see I progressed from Division 5 to Division 1 (and loved every minute of it).

Now here's a challenge for you: (edited by Jim) set up your own competition that suits your taste for people to join? (end of edit)

That's the beauty of user created content, if you don't like something just make an alternative.

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Re: The Goo-Power Championship - Feedback

Post by Stitchy » Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:38 pm

My facts are pretty straight? (4/12 is nearly half considering some people just left)
U made a comment about progression that was out of line sorry, since your format actually prevents progression in my opinion. Its not the first time u just ignore or dismiss my criticism without argument.
I said before: classic chaos is not football or tennis which have predictable outcomes. This format does not take that into account.
Insisting (more than once) i should run my own format is admitting you are not able/willing to address supposed flaws, it has little argumentative value and is just belittling.
And last but not least: if you cant stand feedback why ask for it? (i think you are taking this way too personal, which could be my fault since i might lack sublety in english language being dutch)

i actually joined your tournament to support efforts from people to bring people together
sadly i cant support this anymore and by the looks of it you are not regretting it

k fine subject closed, no worries

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Re: The Goo-Power Championship - Feedback

Post by Obsilium » Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:21 am

I've told Spite already that I play to sit out of the upcoming season and promote my way back to the top again in a few months. My general perspective is that overall results will tend to equalize over time. I think I'm generally strong enough to win more than half my duels in a round robin, but which games I'll win I won't be able to tell you ahead of time.

With respect to perceived flaws in the layout of tournaments, I can tell you that Jack of All Trades and 4Most Masters came from my desire to eliminate some of the issues I see with tournaments on L&C, which for me require too many games to get to the final along with a lack of randomness in pairing and repeating opponents. The root of those problems lay in the fact that live games require opponents to be online simultaneously. In order for my tournaments to run properly, they have to be played asynch, otherwise timing issues will scuttle them. The fact that I think that L&C tournaments are flawed (compared to my ideal tournament) doesn't mean that Ped needs to agree with me. And other people may disagree on the way I set up tournaments. I don't think there is a universal right answer, and in the end people will probably play the tournaments that they find appealing.
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