Chaos-buddies thread (friendship is magic!)

For discussing tournaments and arranging matches

  • krayzkrok on Steam; Krugerok in CR. Will play async any time, live games are unlikely most days, but I'm +9.5 hrs GMT.
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  • Farious in CR & Steam, available usually from about 5pm - 9pm UK time. Happy to Ally in Realms or do Friendlies. Feel free to message me if I'm not in game.
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  • My name is Stako (Stako4350 steam name) UK resident newish to online multi-player games and not 100% sure how to engage an opponent if there is a thread explaining the ins and outs of this would appreciate any help.
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  • Hi Stako,

    if it's simply that you want to try some mutiplayer, then the options are to:
    - create a custom game via the mutiplayer menu and either wait patiently, or ask in the global chat (3rd button top right of screen) if anyone is interested in the game type you want to play.
    - join the matchmaker in the multiplayer queue and select the options you want and wait.
    - play an online realm and invite a friend or ally to a battle (note allies are a bit less common due to the friend function.

    Also, if it's to walk through in a bit more detail, then consider adding any of the people on this thread in Steam and message them so that you can ask what you want to know and what you want to play. Most are UK based, so feel free to shout.

    Cheers, and hope to see you in game,
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  • If you're on steam, feel free to add me:
    Or add me as a friend in-game: I'll accept!

    I'm often online during the week, and some UK evenings.
    If you've any questions, feel free to ask.

    For multiplayer PvP, first time around I:
    Click "Multiplayer & Online Realms";
    Click "Multiplayer Battles";
    Click "Matchmaker & League Games";
    Tick everything except 2v2, and select "Live Game" instead of "Asynchronous Game" *
    "Save Settings for Quick Match"
    Then hit "Back", back again, then "Quick Match".

    * You may want to un-tick options you don't want. I'm specifically thinking of whether you want both law-mode and chaos-mode games, and whether you want both classic and equipped games. I'd leave ranked ticked, there are no penalties for losing ranked games.

    Game tends to be busiest around UK evening times.
    If you want to play at quiet times, it can be good to queue several asynchronous games: these are like play-by-mail without mail. You can hit quick match, and then play any outstanding turns in your asynchronous games while you're waiting for your live match to start.

    There's also in-game chat (people icon next to the game guide, top-left), although it is a little bit hidden and so rather underused at the moment - snapshot are fixing this:)
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  • I'm dumfsirg in CR, don't use Steam anymore when I can help it.
    I prefer asyncs or asyncs played 'live' :)
    GMT+2 but my hours vary
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  • heya, got the game a couple of days ago. atm i'm going for the tutorial/ challenges achievement (chaos mode, 4 challenges still left) and looking forward to do some mp afterwards.

    i'm from germany (GMT +1). my nickname (CyMonk) is the same here, on and in- game.
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  • Welcome CyMonk :)
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  • "WhiteLion " on steam as well as CR

    I'm happy to help you with any realms, game mechanics, new comer advises.
    I'm usually around and happy to help.
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