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    Hey Team! I thought we might as well start a thread and go over some introduction before we start... whatever it is we will be doing :P

    I'm Ellume, a prominent self proclaimed rising star aiming for godhood. I like going on long walks and altering the fabric of existence to suite my whims. I tend towards order but never stray too far without a magic bolt up my sleeve. Tales of my origins, while often cryptic, trend towards a common theme of a frozen northern country called Canada. I prefer weaving most of my spells between the times of 0100 UTC to 0600 UTC during week days, and randomly on the weekends.

    Looking forward to working with all of you! :D
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  • Hello, hello!

    I'm Viking34. I fought vigorously in the previous Malice Chalice, but ended up being eliminated after forgetting to shave. I expected those traitorous swines to vote me off, even after contributing a whopping 0 points that round, but thanks to my quick thinking and complete lack of sportsmanship, I gave myself another shot at winning the Malice Chalice by not voting myself for elimination and instead duelling Trigz for the spot in our team. I then lost. He cheated.

    But that was my old team. I'd betray them on a whim, just like I did to my 33 viking predecessors. This is my NEW team! I expect to be carried comfortably towards the podium and each one of you to personally congratulate me on my well-deserved victory once we're done.

    If somehow the fundead horde do manage to beat us in any of the upcoming tasks, I will refrain from doing what I did last time, where I placed my vote of elimination on whoever had the least fancy eyebrows, with chest-hair length being the tiebreaking factor if I deemed the eyebrows equally unappealing.
    Instead, I'll vote for myself every time. Definitely. Promise.
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  • Hi Ellume, pleased to meet you, your skill-sets will be of great use here.. long walks will inspire great creativity and being able to alter the fabric of existence may come in handy to.. It is good to see the return of the fearless 34th Viking also, this guy has been slaying the undead since the 9th century...

    ...Just browsing the rest of our roster.. a fine squad of elves indeed, a group of bounty hunters assembled to fight for a common goal.. good.. our bows will unleash hell..

    ...Team, I know what you are thinking.. 'How do we defeat the undead fundead with our mortal bows?'... well there is a way.. it can, and will, be done...
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  • Team names are all Spite's fault. I suggested some awesome names. Honest!


    The Battlemage!

    gary is my master now...

    Current Unicoin Total: 54.2

    Twitter / Steam: SlipperyJim72
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  • I'm pretty sure that the Nation Elf Service is a generally well respected and appreciated organization.. Surely it must be since we are members of it! We will blot out the sun as we rain arrows, err, I mean bring aid to all the realms. With unparalleled leadership we will command from a safe distance while our elvish brothers and sisters, with unwavering faith in us, charge to bring doom.. or to their doom.. I forget which, but whichever it is will be glorious!

    But team names aside, it is a pleasure to meet a few of the might wizards who will undoubtedly support me through this competition as I feign confusion and ignorance at every turn :D I may be new to the realms, but I'm sure I can make up for it with my exuberant spirit and/or pointless posturing!
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  • Hello fellow wizards, I'm a young conscript of the National Elf Service; I was tricked to sign on a dotted line somewhere and ended up being a proud part of this noble team.

    I entered limbo from a portal on the southern part of the western hemisphere of my home world, so probably both my time zone and season of the year are different from the rest of the team. Since I don't know what challenges we may face, that could even turn out to be useful somehow?

    Let's give our best elven efforts. Hopefully we will be issued with those overpowered and unbalanced range-4 bows.
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