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  • some of the names we included in no particular order so jim doesnt have to go diggin to hard to see if we amused him.

    Gary4aday, mr.Avatar, The Hoff, Paul daniels, Purple Nurple, Werlin, SlipperyJimBond, slipperyJimBeam,slipperyGin,
    Incontinentia buttocks, Biggus Diggus, Naughtious Maximus, Brian. Oh Boy. TinkyWinkey, lala dipsy, po. JimJams, Brangelina, Pinky & The Brain. Paddy Irishman, Paddy Englishman, Paddy Scottsman. Thelongestwizardname, Hipster beard, Cycle everywhere Bromancer. Milady de Winter, Rochefort, Athos,Porthos,Aramis. Mork & Mindy, Agitha, Tagitha & Bagitha. Norh, South,East & west
    Gary Macleod, Duncan Macloed, Conor Macloed, Mel gibson, Master Splinter. Mr.A Mr.E Mr.I Mr.O Mr.U Amazy Lazy, Pokemon Go.
    DieSpiteDie :o , Jimandtonic JimandIce, retsiwTrM, akblob Tim. Abbot, costello, Laurel, Hardy. Larry, curly, Moe, Harold.
    AI Wizard, AI Wizard Too, AI wizard Three. Toilet Occupant, Fridge Ninja. I, was, out, of, inspiration. SomeGuy, AnotherGuy.

    this is not an exhaustive list to be sure, but you get the drift, yes we are a bunch of imature messers. :lol:
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  • Hello All,

    Oustanding job everyone A lot of hard work and imagination shown on this task. So many different battles and so many good names. Hope you all had fun. Glad you all embraced the challenge of taking on the Ai at its hardest. Proud of you.

    Reagrdless of the landside victory here are a few more points to add to the mix.

    Gryth, what can I say man. Your hard work has not been backed up by your team mates. I hope they are hanging their heads in a collective shame for such a poor show. For your sterling efforts and for the great name of Gary Fart Pants, have yourself a whoping 10 points, though I do realise it wont make much a difference but I hope will show that as a judge I totally appreciate your efforts and humour :) Also, while I have no sway with Sam, I ask that Gryth be allowed to cast a divine shield that will protect him from being up for eviction this week.

    So to the clear winners.

    Well I had the fortune of being invited in to a live game with Mr Twister and Mosty. It was them against me and my brother and sister as well a a rogue wizrd by the name of Tim. It has to be said that Tim had it in for me but thankfully I put him out of his misery eventually. As for the result, well there only ever was going to be one winner but nice try guys :). Lesson here is dont mess with clan gary. But, Mosty, for having the balls to cast the ever awesome Turmoil, have yourself 3 points. However the team loses three points for getting defeated by a judge but gains a point for being brave enough to try.

    Inc, wow, awesome man. Have yourself the MVP star this week. Just simplely outstanding commitment to the Chalice and more importantly, to your team. A solid 6 points for you good sir.

    However, I said this at the very start 'Our host Sam, Mr Spite and Malice to you' and you said this 'As for you Spite...OMG this was some amount of work!' so there is a point coming off your total. In fact I am going to start esculating this so since this is the third incident of this kind, thats 3 points off.

    Once again, loving all your work. I really hope you are enjoying yourselves and having fun. Think this task has shown there is a lot of fun to be had if you mix things up and try different game conditions. I cant wait for the next task, see you all then.

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  • I can only echo what gary has already said - an outstanding effort!

    Bonus points wise +3 points for the Life of Brian references, Pinky and The Brain and the Eddie Izzard references. +9 in total to the Fundead Horde.

    +3 points to Gryth for a valiant effort!

    This was a busy one and I hope you had fun with it!


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  • Big thanks to everyone in the team for their commitment, was a pleasure doing these games together. I also wanna thank Stubar for joining is the very challenging 5v1 game.

    And thank you Mr Spite and Malice for organizing this. Although I admit : it was a hell of a grind.
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  • The 5th person eliminated from The Malice Chalice is Ellume.

    Task 6 might be appearing a little bit later than usual tonight.

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  • The acolytes could not understand Incarnadine's numbers (can anyone explain why?), but it didn't matter anyway. Alas, I must also remain stuck in these smelly judge robes for so much longer. What a disaster!
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  • My special thanks and credits goes to *cough-cough*:

    MrTwister for providing us with coordination center/HQ/base for operations.

    ahMostyn for obtaining for us the right amount of Pokemons, which's so needed for victory nowadays.

    Incarnadine (photodude and posting godzilla) for covering my gaps at 1v3,1v1v3 (1v1v1v1v2 is my fault) as i was so stubborn and uncompromising (due to one of the main sins, in which I'm well known as pretty strong when it comes to the art of sinnery) at doing these in classic and failed.

    Thanks for cooperation and hard work in general, cheers guys!

    Thanks Jim for duel (draw)

    Play Station: And yes we're undead, and yes we're still OP 8-) :lol:
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  • @blobka

    You were the only one who asked :)

    That was frustrating game for me!


    The Battlemage!

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