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  • Really glad you enjoyed the task guys, some really good stuff produced all round. I'm a bit concerned how Vik knew that I own a Nokia though ;-)

    This was my proof of concept.


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  • My scores:

    Incarnadine: 0 points from the acolytes for lack of references to previous tasks. I do enjoy Paint animations however, the touch of Spite's multi colored eyes (for spite and malice) creates some value. Simple enough plot.

    Final score: 7

    Viking: Best storyline and the acolytes noticed a mention of blobka's wonderful food picture, so they sent me a recommendation for 10 points. The Obsilium depiction was of a vampiric count who is undone by division by zero. Perhaps a reference to Euler's famous proof of the existence of God might have rather been in order there, attuned to the concepts of the animation. Something like 5/0, therefore the last magic bolt should have killed you.

    Final score: 9 + 10.

    Grythandril: I had a hard time finding an explicit reference to the Malice Chalice, maybe the designation of us as judges. Or perhaps you were too subtle for my acolytes. They recommended 1 point for you. I would never think of myself as a skeleton (although I am still quite thin IRL) and most of the text made more sense coming from a skeleton than from my person. The exception of course was being to far away to bolt Spite, which was a nice touch. Unfortunately, you also got my staff wrong, as I do not use an air staff (I posted a picture in an earlier task). Accuracy is a valuable trait.

    Final score: 4 + 1.

    ahMostyn: The acolytes agreed that your reference to my fear of bears was the best of the lot, and they recommended 12 points. They like to prank me by putting bears heads in unexpected places. The storyline is solid, yet as the last presentation, things such as references to judges opinions on Law mode had been seen before.

    Final score: 6 + 12.

    Unfortunately for some of you, I learned that my acolytes learned to count from the first Home Alone movie. You know, the movie inside a movie where the protagonist says: One, two, TEN!!!! and starts firing. So all there recommendations were actually in base 3 all the time. Thus, adjusted scores are :

    Viking: 9 + 3 = 12 points
    ahMostyn: 6 + 5 = 11 points.
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  • Nice work all good to see not everyone is as dumb as me and some of you can figure out how to use a simple program designed for children. :lol:

    Sorry you didnt have one in Blobka. :(

    So anyway who do you think will call us first DC or Marvel ?
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  • Hi All

    Well that was task 8 and wasn’t it a belter. Great work everyone. Once again you have excelled in your imagination and creativity.


    A well thought out, funny and excellent story. Love that Matty is a rat and Jim is a bat. I will assume you are seeing me as a sort of Charles Xavier type figure which if the case is fine with me. Though I am not bald, least not yet. You have Sam’s duplicitous nature down cold so good job 

    Points with bonuses - 12


    A top job. You have totally nailed Slippery Jim, he often teases his prey with a ‘Cooee’. Obviously with me being Scottish, the pasty white look does me justice. Lots of funny stuff in here, including a Led Zeppelin reference, nice. Nice paraphrase of Flash Gordon as well as a bunch of other stuff.

    Points with bonuses – 13

    Ah Mosty

    Another wonderful entry. The Culture Club joke wasn’t pish by any means. Love the idea behind it and it is a fair depiction of Sam and his nostalgic ways. The bat Jim is the kind of out the box thinking I love.
    Points with bonusues – 12


    Tossing convention to one side as well as the rules and doing it your way. How can you not respect that? At first I thought Sam was taking a pee in to a cup but maybe that was just me. Great humour despite spelling ‘small’ wrong.

    Points with bonuses – 9


    Sorry you didn’t come up with anything. You have been a great competitor throughout the Chalice and I would like to that you for all your efforts and time taking part. Your teleporting wizard is still utterly awesome. Not to mention your cooking. Thanks again man, hope you have enjoyed yourself and will compete in the next one.

    Points with bonuses – 5

    Once again, I cant express how much I am blown away by all your efforts and submissions. You are a credit to the Chalice and for that I thank you all. If anyone from Snapshot is reading this, you should get these wizards on board for some fun and original marketing.

    Onwards to the next task. See you all then.

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  • malice-chalice-scores.png
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    The Guild of the Cephalopods is now recruiting - We embrace all.

    - Chief Tentacle Arranger in The Guild of the Cephalopods.
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  • v34.PNG
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    Coincidence? Or a nefarious, collaborative plot by the judges?
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  • Viking34 wrote:

    Coincidence? Or a nefarious, collaborative plot by the judges?

    Nefarious plot every time.
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  • Ahh yes, I read it as...

    Incarnadine - 22
    ahMostyn - 31
    Grythandril - 27
    Viking34 -

    ..Demand a re-count!

    ..Or get it re-formatted to read as Viking34 34 (three thousand four hundred and thirty four points!)
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