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Re: The Malice Chalice - Tactics Trainer

Post by Obsilium » Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:24 pm

Final points tally:

Grythandril: 0 points
ahMostyn: 4 points
Viking: 5 points
Incarnadine: 9 points

Grythandril had a bad game, but could have redeemed himself by going into detail about decision making, with examples. As that didn't happen, he gets no points.

ahMostyn and Viking used similar styles for their battle reports, which works well enough. But ahMostyn loses marks for serious mistakes (as mentioned in my battle report) although I don't envy starting with the opening hand on display there. I thought Viking played slightly better, but I think it was still a mistake to give me as much space as he did and the eagle ambush caught him off guard.

Incarnandine played the best game by some margin of the contestants, but I would have preferred to see some more analytic detail in the battle report, including screenshots. There were also some minor quibbles I had with some decisions that were already explained.

Thanks for the game everyone!
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