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  • ahMostyn wrote:Hi Toutai and Varanas,

    I've set the game up with the same match parameters as the league 2 player games, and sent invites to you both.

    As Worto says above, it would be nice to play live if we can and no one has any objections. I'm about most nights from 7pm UK time or thereabouts, let me know your thoughts.



    Oh yes, and congratulations to Obs and Worto.

    I'm going to open up my CR in a bit but sure if we can then I'd play it as a live match and the time u said is usually when I'm playing games anyway
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  • Thanks to both Toutai and Varanas for playing live.

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  • Wow that's fast work, cheers guys.

    Toutai, commiserations, that's as close as you can get without being in the playoffs proper.

    ahMostyn/Varanas - The work isn't quite over yet.

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