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    Group 1

    Group 2

    Steam group for updates, tables, score, etc. Please join :)

    I'm gonna run a new league starting in October with prizes (steam keys) for winners and runners-up. I'll post details for this soon.

    The format will be 1v1. Everyone will play each other twice, in a home and away format. So each player will go 1st in one match and 2nd in their other match, similar to home/away advantage.

    The mode will of course be Classic Chaos mode. Matches will be in async format, although if both players prefer to play their match live then this is no trouble. Timer for async matches will be 10 days per player per game.

    3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 points for a loss. In the event of drawn positions in the league this will be decided by who gained victory over the other.

    You must be able to commit to starting your matches on or around October 14th and play withing the 10 day limit.

    Once I have a list of interested players I will publish fixtures a week before the 14th. Please make sure to add your opponents as friends in the client and set up matches before the 14th so there will be no delay in proceedings.

    Thanks for listening :)


    Now we are running in a two group format there will be two final games to decide the overall finishing places between the top two positions in each group. First place from Group 1 will play first place from Group 2 to decide #1 and #2 overall spots. And second place from Group 1 will play second place from Group 2 to decide #3 and #4 spots. These games can preferably be played live to enable streaming live on Twitch.

    Depending on overall finishing position these top 4 players can choose in order from the prize pool below.

    The spot prize will be given to a randomised player that did not finish top 4 overall.

    Prize Pool

    Hand of Fate
    Chaos on Deponia (donated by Mazy)
    Spot Prize : Super 3D Noah's Ark (donated by Mazy)


    It will be the responsibility of the winner of the match to report the result. If the result isn't posted the game will be marked as a draw. So make sure you claim your wins by posting in this forum!! nb. If you could make it clear who was at "home" and who was "away" and also include the group you are in (1 or 2) that will make it easier for me to tally scores, thanks!

    Feel free to make a report (small or big!), post screenshots or even video!!

    Group 1

    1. SpiteandMalice
    2. goblin
    3. blobka
    4. Mazy
    5. NeverZero
    6. RafiRomero
    7. clef
    8. Doofus
    9. geggis
    10. Grythandril
    11. Viking

    Group 2

    1. toutai
    2. MattyRasker
    3. ahMostyn
    4. Worto03
    5. Ped
    6. stubar
    7. Varanas
    8. vurtan
    9. Farious
    10. Trigz
    11. Beamster

    Setting up your matches

    I have randomised players into two leagues due to the game client not featuring enough async slots to accommodate a full league (maybe one day!).

    EACH player will need to create ten async matches in total - one match against the other ten players in their league. Place yourself ALWAYS as the first player. You will be placed as the second player in matches created that you are invited to. This will create the "home & away" legs for each match.

    Each player will have 20 matches in total (make usre you have enough slots free!). Please have all friend requests and matches set up no later than the 14th of October to ensure we can kick off the games at the start of next weekend.


    Public or Private : Private
    Game Mode : Classic Chaos
    Victory Condition : Survivors Draw
    Turn Timer : 10 days per player
    Turn Limit : 20 Turns
    Select Map : Random Map

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  • I'm pretty bad at asyncs as I forget what I'm doing, but if you are short of one when all the numbers are in then I'll happily make up up the final number - just expect my gameplay to feature in the Chaos Hall of Comedy Greats (& not in a good way! :lol: ).
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  • Count me in please stu,

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  • Sure, sign me up! I'll give the new asynch notifications a test-drive:)
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  • Sure i will join (^_^) (never tried asyncs)
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