50 Shades of Law and Chaos - Monday 3rd October 20:30 BST!

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  • 50 Shades of Law and Chaos

    Prepare yourself for the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY...

    The Army of Law finally come head to head with the Hordes of Chaos, A FIGHT TO THE DEATH, and...

    Well you get the idea!

    Come watch a 3v3 Law Vs Chaos match, where each player takes on a role.

    One will be a heroic wizard, fighting gallantly against his / her foe. One will focus on his or hers magic powers and deal damage from afar as an Arcane wizard, while the other will be brave and defend his comrades by playing the Vigilant wizard.

    On the Law team we have:
    Vigilant - Viking34
    Heroic - Mazy
    Arcane - Blobka

    For Team Chaos we have:
    Vigilant - Mr Twister
    Heroic - AhMostyn
    Arcane - MattyRasker

    If this format is successful, we can introduce a Neutral Team as well.

    Maybe see you there!
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  • Wanna re! :lol:
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  • blobka wrote:Wanna re! :lol:

    You got it pal :)

    OK, so the feedback on this was positive and so perhaps we should hold another event.

    WhiteLion has already volunteered to join a Neutral team, are there two other contestants who may be interested?

    In the meantime, I will rewrite my kit selector so that it can randomly allocate bodygear and staffs to members of a team.
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  • We were talking the other night about which staff would have the best chance of taking down Chaos.

    I think neutral might struggle, but possibly flyers could do well (if given the choice of map) speedsters have a good chance (hellhounds and vampires are both present), attack could do well very well, and whilst maybe not as effective it'd be enjoyably to see how weapons or growths would perform.

    Either way, I think you should let the challengers choose the map, plus have first move.

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  • Team Neutral! :mrgreen:

    I volunteer as Neutral Arcane!
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