Community Custom Challenges (leave yours)

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Community Custom Challenges (leave yours)

Post by anjovi » Sat May 20, 2017 12:49 am

So, thought this could be a cool resource for players wanting an easy way to setup games.
Basically want to set this up so you can.

1)alt-tab out of chaos
2)Come to thread and Copy rules
3)alt tab back into chaos and paste rules

I'll start with a couple I've been finding fun:
The Grove of Totems:
Team A (3 players)
Team B (1 player)
Team C (1 player)
Map: (will paste when i find it, it's 1 of the forest maps)
Max Turns (20-25)

Story: 2 wizards had crossed paths plundering a tomb, and would fight to the death to procure the treasures for themselves alone. As they fought they realized the various statues littering the chamber began to ignite with life, protectors of these grounds that would like nothing more then to see the invaders vanquished.

Team A: Cannot Move or Teleport. Wins if Team B and C are dead.
Team B: Wins if Team C is dead and survives till end of match (killing team A optional)
Team C: Wins if Team B is dead and survives till end of match (killing team B optional)
Spell Slinger Bill:
Team A (1 player)
Team B (2 players)
Map: any
Max Turns (many but infinite is preferable)

Story: A wizard named Bill was the fastest spell slinger round these parts, boasting the speed of 2 wizards. It just so happened that 2 wizards happened to be around, looking to challenge Bill and claim the honor of killing him.

Team A: Plays as normal
Team B: Can only cast spells & use talismans every 2 turns (starting at round 2)

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Re: Community Custom Challenges (leave yours)

Post by anjovi » Mon May 22, 2017 3:46 am

Urhil's Last Stand:
Team A: 2 players
Team B: 3 players
Map: Preferably a forest one
Max Turns: 25-ish

Story: The vampire Urhil and his accomplice, prominant killers in the local region were finally tracked down by the local witching guild, and chased from the outskirts of the village Dranin, to the dark woods. They managed to corner the 2, but the fully waxed moon has seemed to amplify the powers of the 2 vampires. They would need to be precise in order to ensure their deaths.

Team A: Plays as normal, wins if Team B dead or survive till end game.
Team B: Can only kill Team A wizards with magic sword or magic bow.
Puppet's of Fools:
(Optional as 2 to 3 player game)
Team A: 1 human, 1 AI
Team B: 1 human, 1 AI
Team C: 1 human, 1 AI

Story: By a cruel twist of fate, these wizards found their lives bound to 3 differing wizard lords, each vying for power of the realm. The 3 settled the outcome on a game. The 3 were to duel, accompanied by a body guard of their choosing (you)


All Teams: If your AI companion dies, you lose. Surrender upon this condition.