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Chaos Reborn on Challonge

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:23 pm

I've made a Chaos Reborn site for us on the Challonge Website

For those that don't know it; challonge a custom tournament creator, it can be used to make cups or league, and few variations thereof.

Anyone who wishes to can make an account on challonge for free, don't sign up for the premium, you don't need to. I'm hoping that if people have accounts on there that it'll let us do one or two extra things with custom tournaments:

- Using Chaos Reborn site we'll be able to view any custom tournaments that are created from a central point, they'll all sit under the one page.

- Anyone who has an account on challonge is then able to create 'teams' of players; for example

- We can then create some tournaments on a team vs team basis which is something that I'm currently experimenting with. Anyone is able to setup a team, it could be based around an in game guild, or it could just be a group of 'free lance' players who want to enter a given competition together. (Let me know if you do this and I'll add you in to the main Chaos Reborn site).

- We'll be able to run some tournament predictions if people are interested in that.

- People will be able to report scores directly to challonge, rather than this forum - if this works it then takes away a lot of admin time behind running tournaments, and dropping that down means that anyone who is interested in doing so will be able that bit easier.

- As an alternative we can have shared administration of tournaments, which means that you're still reporting scores here/don't need an account on challonge, but there's more people over on challonge who can input results - For the STS Worlds Cup you can see that Worto03 is setup as an admin.

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