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Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:55 am

  • Was curious if objectives and taboos could make for some nifty set piece tournaments.

    1)Law vs Chaos vs Neutral (Team Law = non-law taboo, Team Chaos = non-chaos taboo, Team Neutral = non-neutral taboo)
    2)Undead Menace (Team Undead = non undead taboo, other teams = undead taboo)

    Could be the ultimate decider for what spells are imbalanced :twisted:

    any ideas?
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Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:22 pm

  • 1) How about every player has a taboo they force on their opponent?

    So, players can make their builds and then select a taboo that complements or suits their liking to force on the opponent. Players aren't in control of what taboo they have to endure from opponents. Just associate players with the taboo they cause in the standings.

    Taboos can represent Divine Boons or Totems elicited from gods in the game.

    2) You can create a scoring system that gives you more points for winning a tourney match depending on a voluntary handicap. A table is provided giving a point-score bonus for each taboo. So now a Loss - 0, Draw - +1, Win - +3 and Non-Neutral taboo +1, Attack Spell Taboo +2, Undead taboo +2, etc. So, a player can add a taboo for points, but doing so grants an advantage to the opponent which makes victory & gaining points less likely.
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