[Suggestion] Final encounter to appear after final battle

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[Suggestion] Final encounter to appear after final battle

Post by Mazy » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:39 am

In realms, there really needs to be some kind of 'epilogue' screen after the final battle (right before it goes to the screen where you rate the realm).

Currently the way realms are story-boarded is.. encounter, battle, encounter, battle, final encounter/the end, final battle, rate this realm.

The final text based encounter is before the final battle so you can't really use it to tell the final part of the story because the outcome of the final battle is unknown.

The final encounter can only be used as a way of setting the scene before the final battle (instead of a way of concluding the story after the final battle).

There needs to be an encounter after the final battle to conclude the story (so that the encounter before the final battle is just a regular encounter, rather than the final encounter).

Having no encounter at the actual end makes the storytelling aspect of realms problematic, there's no way to end the story as such..

..you can't have an 'end scene' (conclusion/epilogue/aftermath), there's no way of having a plot twist to the outcome of the final battle.. and if the realm is part of a series there is no way of adding a 'to be continued.. in <realm title>'.

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Re: [Suggestion] Final encounter to appear after final battl

Post by CGR » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:15 am

This is on my List of Things.
I will make this happen when I'm back on Realms code again.

I'd also like an overview or prologue screen so you can get an idea of what a realm is like before you enter it.
E.g., co-op oriented realms can make this clearer in their prologue.