v0.30 - Remove or Limit Gold/XP in Encounters

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  • I think the whole encounter system needs to be revised to be honest.

    Within realms at the moment it's a weak link. And you're right NW about the ease of using them to gain Gold/XP. I know that you suggested other rewards that are still available from encounters such as kudos and repuation, but none of those things are very meaningful at present, they might become meaningful as the realms part of CR is developed, but then you're back to square one. You'll be able to gain repuatation and kudos too easily via the current encounter system.

    I'm in favour of Tess' idea that encounters work like a trail of breadcrumbs, leading a player on to their eventual reward. Or the alternative I think is that encounters should lead to set piece battles.

    You could also have them changing terrain, making bridges, activating wizard towers. I think it needs to be something which doesn't directl compete with the rewards which can be earnt from battle.

    Whatever is done here, I don't think you should get Gold/XP/Repuation/Kudos or whatever simply by clicking on an option (especially when you can see the results of those options in advance).

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