Ideas to Connect Upcoming Shrines to Palace Defense

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Ideas to Connect Upcoming Shrines to Palace Defense

Post by NoWorries » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:28 pm

In a future update, we'll be getting Shrines, which are Realm resources that are created by Gods and distributed to the Gods' Demigod and Wizard King followers. Why should Wizard Kings want Shrines in their Realms?

What if Shrines summoned a 3rd wizard to assist the Wizard King in Palace defense unless the Shrine is not first neutralized? The summoned 3rd wizard could by the Wizard King's Demigod or God.

Or if having 3 wizard Palace defenders is too complicated, I imagine that there could be other or alternative ways that having an active Shrine helping a Wizard King could make finding and neutralizing a Shrine quite important before taking on a Palace. E.g., taboos that do not apply to the Palace defenders, pre-cast helpful structures, etc. And finding the Shrine could become a consequential mini-game unto itself if scripted in an interesting way (or not) by the Realm Designer.
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Re: Ideas to Connect Upcoming Shrines to Palace Defense

Post by anjovi » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:37 pm

sort of goes off on a tangent but fairly relevant to the thread.

you know what this makes me wonder if it'd be handy to have Buildings not associated to a core mechanic? Say they were just their to be associated with the scripting/event system and allowed you to set parameters like this onto them.

A giant shrine for instance could be wired to do anything from provide an extra wizard/creature as reinforcement, work in tandem with the palace breach spell, set triggers like towers off/on, be linked to certain events.

Generally just what was in plan for events but having landmarks that you can associate with them...Though perhaps what would be enough is the option to have an icon on the map that works as a landmark (displays info when you hover over it)

Then technically with the event off/on switch you could potentially create these yourself...