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Re: Chaos Reborn Lore Discussion 101

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:15 pm
by Glas Masv
I loved the Lore Guide. The stories are very well written. It would be fun to make a realm with Aidah and her Dragon escort or to re-create Temesne right before Jadvar stages a coup.

I like that the realms are each subject to time relativity.

I think one way of up-ending the plundering narrative is to make a liberator narrative involving gold-dump events helping the oppressed/impoverished residents in return for reputation. Include reputation penalizing bosses or events to make the reputation gold dumps very appealing. Ideally, the player could defeat the wizard-king with little treasure to show for it and a narrative that the player returns to Limbo as a Harrower for his/her new realm. Alternately, an uncharitable wizard can plunder, but few mercenaries will join at any price representing anemic reputation.

Another alternative to the pillage narrative is to create a 'true ruler''/'hidden ruler' scenario such that killing the wizard king doesn't grant control of the realm. There is also the Gilligan's Island scenario where after using ghe portal it is destroyed leaving no known exits. Lots of ways to play around with that such as questing to find an exit. Here, the gold-dumps are demanded to advance the Find an Exit quest. Failure to complete the quest-line may result in a missed lord as hex adjacent to a palace triggers a tower to turn off, etc.

There are narrative possibilities other than 'plunder the realm' through the use of gold-dumps and/or 'win the palace; lose the war' scenarios. Some realms are technically plunder realms, but restrict gold income to barely affording to port/airship and buy cheap mercs. I imagine the 'kill king & plunder' Scrooge realms are unsatisfying for wizards :)

Re: Chaos Reborn Lore Discussion 101

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:39 pm
by Glas Masv
Question for Mr. Stroud when he gets the chance to scan this thread: What are dragons like and do they communicate to non-dragons and how might they do so? Can they shapeshift? Are they immortal unless slain? Are they all civilized or are some wild like beasts? Do colors make a predictable difference in ability or affect?

Is Deminu from Farious's Candle and the Mask a reasonable interpretation of a dragon interacting with Egregoroi or mortals?

I'm trying to make a realm that is home to an empire of dragons that works in tandem with Egregoroi rulers who govern the mortal races. Its also an open question that if dragons can shape-shift does that mean they can cross-breed with Egregoroi?