Improving Realms by taking a minor cue or two from Darklands

For Wizard Kings (and higher) to discuss the Realm Editor and the creation of realms.
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Re: Improving Realms by taking a minor cue or two from Darkl

Post by Xarrion » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:19 pm

I've only just started dabbling with realm design, but I'm already trying to figure out how to shoehorn different narrative structures in. :D I think given time, the Realm system will be an awesome way to flesh out the CR universe. That said, it'll take a while to scrape the bottom of the narrative barrel with the current system, and there's probably higher priorities on the Dev list.

Perhaps my main concern with realms at the moment is whether there's some way to preserve the narrative after the 2000th wizard had passed through? Something that allows the creator to write an epitaph that summarises the Realm's adventure? I'd hate for the story I was telling to get lost - doubly so if someone had purposefully created an interlinked narrative that ran through their realms. Some of the early ones are already getting close to closing down.
I suppose each new one could start with a summary, but I think it would work better if there were in-character stories that summarised it - perhaps let players submit their (RP) experience of their trip through the realm, and collect them into a journal of journeys past?

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Re: Improving Realms by taking a minor cue or two from Darkl

Post by SeryfEl » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:47 am

[quote="TΛPETRVE"]I'd say that the creation of sub-goals that are still validated when formally abandoning a realm without actually fulfilling the main goal would go a long way to make realm exploration less of a waste of time.[quote]

I think this is the best idea concerning the realms. Everything shouldn't be invalidated because you failed to win the whole thing. You were banished, not killed. You don't lose your staff and armor, why would you lose your gold and stuff you purchased?

Also, I'd much rather some things be put in that make realms flow better in and of themselves be implemented before something like land bridges. Encounters are too limited in how they let you convey your narrative. Encounters need to be placeable on more spaces than just empty ones and there needs to be Encounter text on the Lords themselves if the designer desires so that you can be guaranteed the player will see the story progression. Unless you have corridors and put encounters on squares you know players will hit (which means corralling and forcing them into the direction you want and creating choke points) you can't guarantee you will get your whole story across. From the way I read everything, Realms are ultimately supposed to be about the story, and the tools for helping you do that are wofeully lacking.

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Re: Improving Realms by taking a minor cue or two from Darkl

Post by anjovi » Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:36 am

Thought i'd bump this again...After this update i've found it to be a step in the right direction (just have to get around to finishing my encounter write ups!) though thought it'd be cool to look back to this thread for little touches that could help the game out some.

-make mercenaries actual individuals that can have different stats from standard summons, and may be potentially further involved in world events, so that keeping them alive in battle is actually viable

If i recall correctly in one the updates the mercenary creatures actually leveled up to 3 tiers if you kept them alive. I think this would be worth thinking about again as it'd be cool asset for mercenaries to have. I don't think balancing is really an issue as RNG is such a big component of this game anyways (plus allies completely nullify most challenge to the extent that a buffed creature isn't doing too much harm.

I also think that buffing creatures via. Realm spell could be a handy function....i know this sounds funny but I really want some counter to damnation/vengeance killing my mercs from across the map. I think a realm spell that either protected them or allowed you to revive them after being specifically killed by damnation or vengeance would be cool lol!