Realm Designers! New encounters features on the way

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Re: Realm Designers! New encounters features on the way

Post by Mazy » Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:38 am

Granthor wrote:Excellent idea Mazy - have you ever played FTL? That's full of options like this, where the presence of a certain crewmember, weapon etc can give you "blue" choices, which are almost always guaranteed to be good.
Yes spot on, I had FTL in mind (also Shadowrun)........I like your idea for branching narratives to.

In many ways I actually think that the concept of realms could be tweeked into something much better than either of those two games, even better than something like Invisible Inc to, in terms of endless random missions with high replayability.

See steam discussion below :) which my suggestion draws quite heavily from Xcom and also Shadowrun, Shadowrun is a game I don't particularly like but think the concept of it would work in CR realms, most of those type of games I try out I always end up wishing I was playing Chaos with a campaign mode instead (or 'wizard Xcom'). ... 165787203/

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Re: Realm Designers! New encounters features on the way

Post by anjovi » Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:59 am

I know i read it before but it is interesting mazy. I think it could work well if the realms were adjusted to be more lengthy affairs then they are now.

What i mean by that is if they were relatively long and gave you time to get attached to these particular characters and by the end of the realm (campaign) you'd get your resolution and go on to start another realm and so on.

It would be neat to see the realm mechanics facilitate adventures in larger scope. I imagine what this would entail is is adding some mechanic to alleviate the all or nothing gear mechanic. (perhaps adding checkpoints were you could send your gear back and losing stuff when you lost battles inbetween said checkpoints) Another would be automating certain aspects of the realm creation that made it easier for creators to make these large scope realms, but i suppose the most important thing would be building up the realm mode mechanics..having more variety in the gameplay..

If a realm campaign was large enough in scope to were levelling up companions was a thing, it could be a great way to make the progression of the game more interesting. The thought of an endless singleplayer mode or ironman mode were you take these guys and travel across various realms levelling them up, losing them in PVE as well as PVP (invasion/ally) would be a good deal of fun.

Having procedural realms that facilitated this kind of play would be great! and with the expansion of game mechanics (i.e stuff that varies the battles) it could possibly trump any encounter/writing based stuff that's currently in realms. One example would be allowing for procedural creature encounters and objectives in said battles that challenged you to destroy them while keeping your companions alive. Could be golden!