Who wants to collaborate? idea to bolster realm #'s

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Re: Who wants to collaborate? idea to bolster realm #'s

Post by Psylum » Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:45 pm

I don't mind helping out in the realm department. I Just really wouldn't want to submit the realm and gain experience off of it. Currently I can't send a realm to writer for them to submit.

Another way to go about it might be to create a more specific theme for each realm and have each person write an encounter independently. You'd get wide variety of writing styles, choices and character opinions. If you've seen the movie Waking Life...like that. If you don't like the artistic style or topic of a scene,it's not long before something completely different comes. This might also make the final result a little more of a surprise to the creators.

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Re: Who wants to collaborate? idea to bolster realm #'s

Post by anjovi » Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:31 pm

I like that!!

having a community made realm and having 1 fellow create the map and submit it. Of course everyone chipping in would have to be cool with 1 dude getting the submission perks. I'll just chime in on that and state i don't mind if someone else submits it. lol

Perhaps some sort of template that everyone could follow. I've added descriptions but this is were in the new thread players would ask for a slot (maybe more if they want to do chained quests) and be added by the thread OP.

Theme: The theme that the story should stick to, perhaps this would be the alchemist report

Main story arc 1: the 1st event that will be mandatory for players to stumble on
Main story arc 2: the 2nd event (players will pass there events down the line for each of these each writing after the other)
Main story arc 3:
Main story arc 4:

Town 1: The town description
Rumor 1: Different rumors attached to towns. creators could write these encounters and perhaps some side notes for the map maker.
Rumor 2:
Rumor 3:
Rumor 4:

Side encounter 1: These would be little tidbits that are more secret or happen inbetween towns, writers could add side notes to suggest to the map maker the context in how to place them.
Side encounter 2:
Side encounter 3:

Town 2:
Rumor 1:
Rumor 2:
Rumor 3:
Rumor 4:

Side encounter 1:
Side encounter 2:
Side encounter 3:

Town 3:
Rumor 1:
Rumor 2:
Rumor 3:
Rumor 4:

Side encounter 1:
Side encounter 2:
Side encounter 3:

The map maker would then take all of these writing submissions and create a map that suits everything. The combined encounters and descriptions should allow the map maker to create something that's fairly surprising to all providers involved..They'll be using discretion in how to peice all of these things together and thus we'll have a big epic community made world.

The map maker would also be responsible for making any minor changes to make sure all of the encounters made sense with each other. This could be a bit of work but in the end would justify that player getting the realm exp/gold/whatever..

The moderator could work closely to make sure the map does everyone's work justice and presto!

With the added encounter tools some could opt to take multiple slots to encompass there little chained side quests or lords that inhabit the realms. perhaps adding side notes in the submission thread to let everyone know what there plans are (without spoiling the story of course :D) It'd be ideal to take a rumor slot and follow that with any side encounter slots, drawing hints to were the player should go through encounter writing, the map maker incorporate these hints into the map design....of course at least town names should be established so they could say something like: the pelan woods north of city of reikn or towards the shore lines near the mana flux (map maker would take liberty in how to place all of this stuff so your quest lines could alter tiny bit based on this)

all in all this could be very interesting for all involved.

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Re: Who wants to collaborate? idea to bolster realm #'s

Post by anjovi » Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:01 pm

Ok so this is my rough draft for the community realm collab thread. I'll make it look nicer in the final version but just wanting to make sure the information is clear.
This is the submission thread for the forum collaboration project. You will sign up for a slot via. The comment section (the OP will update the main post as slots are taken). Before signing up make sure you understand the rules and what each slot means:


Mapmaker/organizer: You will arrange all of the material into a map. You will need to submit an email address so others can submit there writing to you.
Moderator: The moderator who will inspect/accept/reject submission
Mainstory encounter: Submitters here will write main story encounters that will be placed in order to one another. Those who take these slots will need to wait for the player before them to write there encounter and pass it to them to continue it.
Town description: You’ll write the description to the town.
Town Rumor: You can write encounters for various rumors of the town, see rules for more details.
Side Encounter (A-B) You can write encounters inbetween towns/towers/palace, see rules for more details.

Theme/Alchemist Report:
*This is were I or who ever making there own collab thread will establish the general theme, and will be also used as the alchemist report*

Sign Up:

Map Maker/Organizer:
Main story encounter 1:
Main story encounter 2:
Main story encounter 3:
Main story encounter 4:
Main story encounter 5:
Town 1 description:
Town 1 Rumour A:
Town 1 Rumour B:
Town 1 Rumour C:
Town 1 Rumour D:
Town 1-2 Side encounter A:
Town 1-2 Side encounter B:
Town 1-2 Side encounter C:
Town 2 description:
Town 2 Rumour A:
Town 2 Rumour B:
Town 2 Rumour C:
Town 2 Rumour D:
------Town Airship Transport 2-3--------
Town 3 description:
Town 3 Rumour A:
Town 3 Rumour B:
Town 3 Rumour C:
Town 3 Rumour D:
Town 3-Tower Side encounter A:
Town 3-Tower Side encounter B:
Town 3-Tower Side encounter C:
------Tower 1 to Tower 2 Transport-------
Tower to palace Side encounter A:
Tower to palace side encounter B:
Tower to palace side encounter C:

1) Main story encounters: These encounters are written in order so all participants will pass there writing on to the next writer. This will probably be best done through the forum messaging/pm.
2) Side encounters: If you wish to write chained encounters you may take multiple slots to accommodate this.
3) All of the event slots from top to bottom will be incorporated into the realm in that order. In other words the pacing or the progression of the players progress. Keep in mind whether the player will be using the airship/tower or walking in between sections when taking slots.
4) More slots may be added to rumours and side encounters, just ask this when submitting and the OP will be adjusted accordingly.
5) Any writing that’s submitted can be altered by the map maker if they need to blend it in to the theme of the realm, create better consistency with other encounters, etc. though this should be kept to a minimum to respect the added variety of the varying submissions (in other words allowing the world to be shaped by the different writings) If relationships/plots are referenced to a town/lord/etc. The map maker can alter both the encounter and the town description to accommodate this. So even if you submit a particular writing you may be surprised as to how another writer’s submission altered yours.
6) Due to the difficulties of balancing of citadels/mana fluxes and certain lords these are best to be placed when balancing the realms. If you wish to write an encounter for a specific lord battle please make a side note for this when submitting to map maker.
-Open field/forest/mountain (rumours/side encounters)
-citadel/manaflux/town/tower (map maker will use discretion on where to place these encounters when placing buildings though you can still suggest by which towns they should be placed.
7) Otherwise let your imagination run wild! After picking a slot (via posting comment in thread) feel free to start writing and add whatever touches you want that describe the locale of the encounter, this will play into the shaping of the map.
8)map maker: You will need to provide an email so that the others can submit there writing to you. Along side your email, submitters can send them to you in the forum messaging system.
9)All submissions of written material should be neatly organized. for example: writing your encounter description, and choices and multiple outcomes they should be organized in a way that's easy for the map maker to copy and paste them into the editor.
10)You should submit your writing in the form of a notepad. You may write it out in your word processor of choice but following that you should copy and paste it to a notepad or forum message so we don't have to worry about compatibility issues.

-Side note: If your reading this, your probably under the impression that the mapmaker/organizer has his/her work cut out for them. If taking this position be ready to take on a load!
-Also take note of the future realm encounter tools that will be added in julian’s thread. Your encouraged to take advantage of anything in here.