Proposition for a story light realm

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Proposition for a story light realm

Post by anjovi » Tue Dec 08, 2015 4:14 am

So I've been playing around with the realm editor and found out ways to create some fairly hefty wizard battles via. lose days in encounters + chokepointing locations to make the marauder AI hunker down with the nearest lord in your path.

Could be interesting to make some realms like this were you mainly play for the challenge...though i'm wondering if i should even bother.

i'm thinking like 8 encounters total and pretty much all they'd consist of is:
a text explaining a symptom of the realm fading away or some sort of strange energy/time/space distortion that causes an amount of days to pass, no options, just an explanation and hit ok:lose 20 days. This will let reinforcements build up and a marauder time to respawn,

You'd have a series of these with no towns or villages. I'd lay them scattered on unreachable islands because everythings all fubar and going to die, etc.

The main point of going here would be to play and get some gold/exp on the side.

Ideally an update will come that tinkers the realm mechanics a bit to make stuff like this obsolete, but you think this would this be worth pursuing for the meantime?

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Re: Proposition for a story light realm

Post by Farious » Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:37 am

If you have a small-medium well produced map with a story like, 'The Realm of X has become an infamous battle ground with many a Wizard from Limbo coming to do battle. You, tempted by gold and the fame...' etc I don't see why you couldn't get away the the min-number of Encounters - it'll depend how things flow I would guess.

With regard to dumping villages on an inaccessible Island, I had a similar dilemma with the map I currently have being moderated. I decided that for creatures, it was okay to create isolated islands & dump a village or two on them, but for humanoids it didn't look to right so I connected the island by a Wizard's Tower to make it look natural whilst making them useless to the player. I think that's the way to do it imho.