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For Wizard Kings (and higher) to discuss the Realm Editor and the creation of realms.

  • This idea pretty much hinges on the assumption that you've toyed around with procedural realm generation a bit. But for online realms it could be interesting to see an option for very basic procedural realms that are solely for fighting and leveling up.

    No other mechanics other then the move wizard here, battle this wizard, rinse and repeat. This would ideally be a very narrow path with difficulty adjusted by the level of the procedural realm. Perhaps the theme could have to do with an unchartered realm were some nasty wizards are all holed up in, instead of a king fight an exit portal so you could just leave on your way once beating it.

    Another idea for realms like this could be theming it as a dungeon and having a new map layout that took the various landscape formations and slapped them together with this cavey,dungeony skin.

    Basically an option that allows players to emphasize PVE battle no fuss or charge. Realm makers can make there realms as little special campaigns for players to indulge on as there have a steady flow of gameplay for all players, no stress on realm makers to pump out realms in a rush.

    Could open up other possibilities gamewise that you couldn't do with the realm format (minions you could level up in dungeon play but you couldn't take with you in king ruled realms) though just getting these types of realms in would be a good amount.
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  • I recall somewhere someone saying that this may happen as option under Offline mode, so may be it's for the GOG release? Don't know where I head it, in fact I might have made it up, I could be 100% wrong etc :)

    But regardless, it's a good idea especially for those who can't get online for whatever reason but still want do play a Realm for a while however they are on a work break with no connectivity, for instance. The only thing I'd add is that if Snapshot do think this is a cool idea that progress between the procedurally generated offline Realms & online Realms is kept separate so people can be online & 'social' during their leisure time and offline at work.

    Anyway, it gets a thumbs up from me #FingersCrossed
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  • I think it would be a good idea to think about using it for online as well as it'd allow players to play and level up there online characters and take part in all of the coop/invade stuff.
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