Candle and Mask 3

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Re: Candle and Mask 3

Post by Farious » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:14 am

anjovi wrote:on the subject of keeping track of encounters, their really needs to be some kind of log that keeps track of all of these encounters as you play.
If there are carry over rewards like artefacts (plug plug again) so you can set a specific objective: do x receive y then sure, but right now is it really too much to ask for players to remember one or two goals? In the case of Gortun it is explained in the Introduction and every Town along the route. I think a log could be seriously beneficial but atm, the objectives and rewards really don't merit it's introduction tbh imho.
anjovi wrote:Nothing really in the game to accomodate it yet but i feel like the most interesting outcome would be the ability to allow players to beat the realm with the basic objectives fulfilled

Having to fulfil objectives to get to the Palace, sure, but it is a Wizard Battle game so defeating the 'level boss' I think should be a requirement.
anjovi wrote:after playing it myself and losing fight 2 I don't feel that it's actually that bad. It's only put in place for the 1st 3 battles which doesn't really demand that much of a time commitment.
I agree, it isn't, though for me Gortun did die many times pretending to be some eagle called Birt. He's still pretty miffed about it all :lol:
anjovi wrote:I personally love the idea of playing through the realm with Gortun and on the off chance invading another player who happened to be playing that part in the realm with Gortun. The player would now have knowledge of that character's context and play to sabotage whoever they were invading...
It certainly makes a battle more interesting... :)
anjovi wrote:Some well thought out coop system/realm features could really make for something insanely good...Though the thought of whether or not that falls within the scope of a 20$ game is something else.
The devs are working on the coop features so I'm sure that'll get better. As for more Realm features, iirc they've said they are making more SP campaign content so hopefully, fingers crossed, they'll be some new shiny features in them that'll get added to online Realms too.

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Re: Candle and Mask 3

Post by anjovi » Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:15 pm

Those artefacts (or in my mind medals...hehe) Could be a perfect time to implement a journal, i agree. Simply have a journal GUI that you can open that displays the known objectives (artefacts) on one page and simply have pages of discovered encounters unlocked so that i can look over them at my leisure.

The whole main objective bit was referring to the wizard battles (the king one being the main one) with the side objectives (medals/artefacts) being their on the side as an invitation for players.

yeah I have a feeling that birts going to be a real troublemaker for people, reminding me that i should probably try to get a review submission for that up again seeing as all seems to be working right now.