New Tool Idea: Realm Hubs/Regions of activity

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New Tool Idea: Realm Hubs/Regions of activity

Post by anjovi » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:58 am

So some ideas that would be lovely to implement in realms though are not able to due to limitations:

-The ability to wander through different districts of a town
-Regions of difficult terrain (ex. a maze, a toll booth/checkpoint
-The ability to revisit a place to find new interactions (ex. Turning in a quest, development of realm events as you play)
-Interactive environments/perhaps even puzzles
-A summary of your progress in a realm (ex. check what flags/characters you have and load an alternate realm ending)
-A branching conversation dialogue

What i'm about to propose is a neat little system that could provide players an accessible tool that should be flexible enough to put together any variety of creative things that they could dream up.

When playing a realm you would activate a Hub the same way you would an encounter though instead of something like this:

-Option 1- - Option 2- -Option 3-

You would get something like:

-Encounter 1-
-Encounter 2-
-Encounter 3-
-Encounter 4-
-Exit Hub-

This is what it might look like:
hub example.png
hub example.png (3.14 KiB) Viewed 613 times
And this is what the editor could look like:
hub editor.png
hub editor.png (9.11 KiB) Viewed 613 times
Each encounter in said hub would simply be contained to that hub. You'd simply use the encounter tools like regular to flesh out each individual one.

Added Encounter outcomes to work with this
-Activate/Deactivate Hub

I think that's actually it as all of the encounters in said hub would work just like the encounters we have.