So who's got some realms in the works?

For Wizard Kings (and higher) to discuss the Realm Editor and the creation of realms.

  • Haven't checked in for a while though I recently got it out of me to finish one i've put off. Curious to find who else is working on stuff? Just laid out the map and went over my writing a few times (to save the mods at least some heart ache xD)

    Just getting to placing all the encounters and testing the heck out of all of the flags/triggers.

    Who's got stuff in the works?
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  • I am working on another - the third in the Cult Trilogy :)


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  • Looking forward to the Cult finale, currently enjoying the heck out of the second. Anjovi, if there's another brilliant subplot like The Eagle and the Elf, I'm sold. And of course, anything Tess can come up with is going to be excellent.

    My non-wizarding life has kept me from finishing anything the last couple months, but I have two realms that are map ready and fully balanced, they just need to have some encounters and town text fleshed out. Hopefully I can release them both in the next couple of weeks or so, though they have some non-active or already promoted Wizard Lords in them which I should replace for the community's sake.
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  • I've got a couple that are close to release, I just need to finish off the encounters.

    And then I'm umming and ahhing about whether to wait until I'm level 50.

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  • I have plans for one, but I'm not gonna get to work before the game is absolutely feature-complete.
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  • Right on! I just managed to finish doing all of my initial proofing/testing on everything. My idea was to just take the encounter/activate/flag stuff to it's limit...or at least my limit xD

    I'm hoping I can at least spare the moderators the flag/activate/deactivate testing (I went through every which way i could possibly think of...i'm pretty confident it's patched up nicely). Hoping the grammar/punctuation holds up as well this time.
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  • Was really into the realm building for a while, but found some of the design decisions put me off.

    Kind of hoping they relaunch some of the realm guides / lore stuff and maybe it appeals more then.
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  • Interrupted wrote:Kind of hoping they relaunch some of the realm guides / lore stuff and maybe it appeals more then.

    The guidelines have been changed & Realms do not need to conform to Lore any more. See the in-game guide for the latest version as the WIP one attached on this forum is now out of date. If you have any questions then just ask.
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