Realm Feature Wish List [Updated: 24 April 2017]

For Wizard Kings (and higher) to discuss the Realm Editor and the creation of realms.

  • A list of additions and tweaks from a Realm Designer perspective that people think may make the amazing Realms, Realm Editor, & design process even better! This is not a general 'new game feature' request thread, there is one of those in another place, but one that adapts and re-purposes current assets and mechanics and/or the functionality of the Realm Editor to provide a better experience. What suggestions meet this criteria, or how a suggestion is to be implemented, are decided upon by the thread's curator.

    Global Options:
    • Banish Spell: Being able to disable it & set its rate will open up gameplay opportunities for Designers
    • Name Space: If the number of characters that a Realm name can be was increased it would allow Designers to be more imaginative and simultaneously better inform Players what their Realm is about.
    • Reinforcement Rate: It is extremely difficult to generate enough points for higher creatures. Allowing Designers to set the value of points added by Citadels will enable more challenging Realms that are easier to theme.
    • Realm Difficulty: It is extremely challenging for Designers and Moderators to match their Realms to a 1 to 12 Difficulty scale. Although this needs to remain for setting the Wizard Lord difficulty in the Realm Editor, Designers should be able to pitch their Realm's difficulty to a more streamlined set of levels such as Easy, Medium, Hard, and Ultra or similar.
    • Time: being able to disable Time & its effect on Score would enable Designers to create in-depth open worlds in which all its details can be explored.

    • Allies: If no Ally is available the Request Ally button should allocate an AI Wizard similar to Duel Mode. This could help equalise the difficulty of Realms for those without a large list of Friends to invite and allow Designers to balance their creations better.
    • Marauders:
      • Customising Marauders: Designers being able to customise Marauders' objectives, force them to always attack the Player, and whether or not they take a Lord or King's Reinforcements would allow the development of basic combat strategies that can be deployed against, and thus challenge in new ways, Players.
      • Rally Points: By being able to set Rally Points for Marauders' Designers could create truly epic battles!
    • Wizard Lords:
      • Being able to add more than 1 Wizard Lord to a Realm Map tile would lead to more challenging 'boss' battles.
      • Being able to Activate & Deactivate would open up more story telling opportunities
      • Being able to set specific starting reinforcements would give designers the ability to theme local Wizards, such as Lord of Goblins etc
    • Palace Helper customisation: If the Palace Helper & Marauder Wizard could be customised then it would help Designers maintain the theme of their Realms.
    • Teams: having nameable Teams that Wizard Lords & Marauders' could be assigned to would enable Designers to stage in Realm conflicts & wars. An Encounter Outcome could allow the Player to be assigned to a Team or if not assigned a Dialogue Box allow them to choose a Team for them & any Friend or Ally before the battle.
    • Villages:
      • The Player being able to Invite/Ally would make game play more consistent. If Designers could customise a battle, setting the possible number of defending villagers &/or adding a Wizard Lord it would allow a new type of 'mega battle' for players to attempt.
      • If Villages could be used to attack other Villages it would be more consistent and enable epic-like battles.

    User Interface
    • Encounter Text: If Encounter Text spanned over multiple pages rather than shrunk, and the character limit was increased, Designers could convey better worded & more indepth stories.
    • Mission Log: A Log Designers can add to via Encounters to remind the users of tasks or important info

    • Activate on if Flag Set: The Flag Screen should allow an Encounter Tag to be assigned to a Flag. These Encounters will be Deactivated if Flag is False or Activated if Flag is True. This will allow Designers to create more dynamic & alive Realms.
    • Awards, Medals, Titles: If Designers could set a cosmetic text item as an award that is added to a list on the Player's profile it would give them something to collect & a reason to revisit & keep playing Realms.
    • Description, Rumour Text & Titles: If Designers could enter more than one Description, Rumour Text, & Title then use Flags to toggle between the alternative versions it would enable more dynamic story telling.
    • Outcome Effects: With the addition of added features such as Activate, Connect, & SetFlag the current limit of 3 Outcome Effects per Outcome Choice can be limiting. If designers could have a 4th option, or more if further outcomes are added such as Score, it would enable Designers to show more creativity.
    • Permanent Encounter: A way of making an Encounter never Deactivate until a certain Flag is set would enable
      Designers to create obstacles such as locked doors, or NPCs that remain until their mission is completed. The Encounter Outcome Effect 'Deactivate' could be used here.
    • Reinforcement Points Pool: If Designers could dynamically add points to the Reinforcement Pool it would allow then to create responsive interactions with the player. For example, resolving a side quest in a certain way could result in additional enemy forces arriving, implemented in game by increasing the Wizard King's Reinforcement Pool through an Encounter Outcome.
    • Rumour Text: In Towns, if multiple assets are on the same tile an Encounter's Rumour Text should take priority over other messages such as Location of Enemy Wizard Lord.
    • Score: being able to award points would give purpose for a player in completing Designers' side quests & encourage them to explore every corner of a Realm.

    Map Features
    • Exit Portal: Being able to place an Exit Portal in addition of or instead of a Palace would enable designers to tell a greater variety of stories other than the 'defeat wizard in a tower' type and aid player retention by providing a vector to deliver alternative victory conditions
    • Signposts: Being able to place sign posts would help create more rich Realms and make it easy for designers to point players in the correct direction
    • Town Equipment & Mercs: If Designers could set the Equipment & Mercs available in Towns it allow better theming & balancing
    • Terrain Types:
      • Battle Maps created by Designers & Moderated would not only add to the uniqueness of a Realm but could also free up resources for Snapshot by creating a pool of custom maps for Players to choose from in PvP. However, in such a circumstance these Maps would likely need a special section to denote them from officially created Battle Maps.
      • More Terrain types would allow Designers to produce more beautiful maps, better themed, & with unique obstacles
      • >>> Planned: Next Update: Removing restrictions on the number of each type would make it easier for designers to create beautifully modelled land masses

    Realm Editor & Creation
    • Classic Mode: An option for a Designer to denote a Realm as having Classic Mode battles would open up the Realm Editor to those Designers not interested in Equipped.
    • Collaboration: An import/export/share function would allow Designers to collaborate, potentially improving quality & number of Realms
    • Encounter Text Import/Export: If Encounter Text could be imported and exported in XML format or similar it could allow easier proof reading and speed up Realm creation and Moderation.
    • Expiration/Returned for Maintenance:
      • Allowing Realms to only Expire when a Designer wants or not at all will stop popular Realms disappearing into Limbo.
      • Designers should not be forced to Rename an Expired or Returned for Maintenance Realm in order to resubmit it.
      • A senior Moderator, such as a Snapshot employee or representative, should be given the specific power to Expire a Realm so that if there is a problem during a holiday, for instance, it can still be removed.
    • Genre: If Designers could set a genre for their Realm, such as Quiz or Story, then they could better convey their creation's ethos and Players would be less disappointed by the experience of playing an 'unexpected' style.
    • Offline Editing: Allowing Realm Editor accessibility in Offline mode would enable designers to work on Realms outside their 'gaming time'
    • Recognition: Considering the amount of effort required to produce a Realm, any Designer whose Realm is released should receive an in-game medal or title such as 'Master of Mana Flows' or similar. This could then be display on their profile & the online players list an icon.
    • Submit for Testing: Designers & Moderators' time could be saved if the Realm Editor featured a button that Submitted the currently opened Realm for Testing and then initiated the Test. It would also be beneficial if upon Abandoning a Realm in Testing it was then automatically opened again in the Realm Editor.
    • Terminology: Terms such as 'Rejected' should be made less harsh and applied appropriately to prevent Designers misunderstanding the status of their Realms. For example, using 'Feedback' or even 'Development' for Realms returned to Designers by Moderators from the Moderation Queue would facilitate better interaction between the two groups.

    For a more alternative vision of Realms, Designers Anjovi & Farious have recorded their thoughts here (Anjovi) & here (Farious).

    Removed from List:
    • Release Next Marauder: This should Release a Marauder immediately. Doing so would enable Designers' to better plan the difficulty of their Realms. Marauders are spawned but waiting for objectives at a base.
    • Town Equipment: If Towns displayed an icon to indicate a piece of equipment was held in Limbo it would reduce player frustration directed at Designers Added - Thank you!
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  • Hi all,

    Can we keep any discussion regarding this in seperate topics please? Just use this as the main wish list. :)


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  • The ability to play realms in Classic Mode.

    The ability to customise Mauraders, and more control over how/when they are release, plus the marauder's aims when released.

    More match options - We've got upto 6 player matches in custom games now. It would be a great way t control difficulty within realms.

    Factions, different AI groups who might join you, or fight against one another.

    The option to turn off the realm timer along with lose conditions other than banishment due to the realm timer.

    The ability to have conditional triggers that determine whether or not an encounter will activate. At the moment, you can set conditions on which dialogue options appear, but not easily for the actual encounter itself.

    To possibility to collaborate and share realms between realm designers whilst creating them.

    Adjustable realm expiry dates. 2000 is a LOT. Letting the realm designer set their realm's expiry date would allow for testing, tweak and change realms before re-release more often, and avoid situations where realms have been played to death.

    Save and write realms in offline mode. (It's so frustrating to not be able to write whilst on the move).

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  • I'll just quote myself:

    yovargas wrote:If, for some reason, we must only take our equipped items into Realms, can we at least make it so that we can review our full inventory somehow?
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  • Fully extending the ally/invite friend to cover village battles would be nice. As of now there sort of a nice difficulty curve inbetween.

    -Fighting a regular wizard
    -Fighting a Village totem
    -Fighting a regular wizard +8 reinforcements
    -Fighting 2 wizards
    -Fighting 2 wizards with reinforcements

    Just seems like a missed opportunity, for what seems like a fairly simple tweak.
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  • anjovi wrote:Just seems like a missed opportunity, for what seems like a fairly simple tweak.

    Added. Let me know if you're not happy with how I've put it.

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  • Being able to create the battle maps to create truly epic fights.
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  • Bob wrote:Being able to create the battle maps to create truly epic fights.

    If new types of terrain were added then new Battle Maps would have to be. Designers being able to do it would help free up resources so Snapshot could focus on the graphical elements so yeah, good idea.
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  • As i'm making my strategy orientated, villager recruiting/razing realm I noticed somethings that are odd and can also be tweaked in.

    Not being able to attack another village with the totem. You can attack lords but not villages? kind of strange, i reckon some totem on totem action could be fairly interesting.
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  • anjovi wrote:As i'm making my strategy orientated, villager recruiting/razing realm I noticed somethings that are odd and can also be tweaked in.

    Not being able to attack another village with the totem. You can attack lords but not villages? kind of strange, i reckon some totem on totem action could be fairly interesting.

    Good spot. I'll added it to the list.
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