Realm Idea: LVL1, community realm guide hub

For Wizard Kings (and higher) to discuss the Realm Editor and the creation of realms.

  • So thought this would be cute. What if we had a realm similar to psylum's battle camp realm, that acted as a guide for new players looking for specific experiences?

    Say you get dropped in a realm and meet a tour guide, that takes you around a realm showing you holograms of the realms currently released. You explore various sites and then realm creators could submit a little blurb about their realms.

    you could go to islands for: Story driven realms, linear, open world, trivia, coop realms and good a good idea of the variety of stuff folks are creating.

    Might be fun.
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  • Good idea.. Among my notes of ideas for realms, one is an idea for a realm where you choose a path based on your build.. The 'wizard guide' (which is also possibly the king that you have to fight at the end) asks you at the beginning of the realm which type of wizard you are (Arc/Vig/Hero), the encounter then unlocks one of three towers which opens up a specific path based on your answer (so there are 3 possible play-throughs).

    But the whole purpose of it really is to explain the differences between the 3 different playing styles in CR, as 'the apprentice' goes along.. 'Magic training', 'Combat Training' etc

    I see this kind of realm as something for a new player to do after they have completed other tutorials in the series first, I would probably do ones about casting/summoning strategies, mana management, unit placement/positioning etc.. the basics of how to use mana, cast efficiently, use creature abilities efficiently, how to counter undead etc (the core mechanics behind both modes - classic and equipped), then I would cover all the basics of the stuff that you only encounter in equipped - staff types/armour/talismans.

    The thing that throws a bit of a spanner in the works is.. how to cover law mode theory and chaos mode theory within the same tutorial realm(s), it might have to be all separate tutorials! (a law mode variant and a chaos mode variant). The scale of this added workload (explaining everything twice) is holding me back a bit but I'm sure I will get motivated at some point to try and get to work on producing stuff like this.
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  • That could be a great series! it'd probably be handy having info like this accessible from in game. I find it interesting how realms mode can act as a good community hub for various stuff for example it can faciliate:
    Rafi's tutorial realm
    battle camp
    Realm tour guide
    chaos mode tactics
    law mode tactics lessons
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