Anjovi's take on realms 2.0

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Re: Anjovi's take on realms 2.0

Post by gary » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:03 pm

If an Ai brings mercs in to a fight and you subvert any of them and they live then they should become your mercs to travel with you on to the next fight. And either at no cost or a reduce cost.

Hell, offer them more money at the start of the battle to fight for you :)
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Re: Anjovi's take on realms 2.0

Post by anjovi » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:31 pm

that'd be fun, although it might have to be kept to some sort of encounter system. Perhaps being able to spend money for certain results in encounters and being able to shift teams of wizards/creatures that are on the tile? heh

otherwise i was just thinking of the marauder thing with the random law/chaos kudos rewards and realized that with the right village placement it could be a great way of creating variety in play throughs.

ex: Law marauder crops up and i kill them, this gives me enough to get an elf village.
ex2: 2nd playthrough a chaos marauder crops up, this gives me enough for a goblin village.

lots of other nuances to consider but just wanted to jot this thought down.

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Re: Anjovi's take on realms 2.0

Post by Mazy » Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:13 pm

I like Gary's subvertable mercs idea.. perhaps as a selectable condition in your merc themed realms.. 'Subverted creatures become mercs - ON or OFF' ...then you would able to carry over any subverted creatures and replenish your losses to some extent (as you lose your own mercs along the way).

There would probably have to be some kind of condition (or limit) to it to make sure it doesn't force you to only use Mass Subversion.

The merc limit could be set at 5 so If you haven't lost any mercs you cant supplement them further with subverted mercs.. and it would be strictly limited to the AI's starting mercs (not the AI's subsequent casts), therefore the AI's starting mercs should probably have merc names to .. 'Mazy subverted Daisy the HellHound and is now a member of your party.'