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Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:48 pm

  • I was just thinking of some of the older realms that were created before the named mercs/triggers/activations update for the realm tools and was wondering what the possibility of getting all of the old realms updated to use the named merc feature would be an idea worth pursuing.

    The main thing is that it'd probably be pretty cool for new players to be able to play through some of the realms with this feature. For example alot farious' realms are well designed and have some good story details and characters, though due to it being created pre-realm tools update, alot of the characters are left nameless in battle.

    I wonder if some sort of consent could be given by realm designers to allow their realm's mercs to be updated with the names that are suggested in the encounter stories.

    It probably wouldn't take too long for someone to glance over the realms and input the names in the required spaces and shouldn't conflict with anything...could be a little too much for a small detail..maybe not?
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