Planned changes to Realms in next Chaos Reborn Update

For Wizard Kings (and higher) to discuss the Realm Editor and the creation of realms.

  • The next update to Chaos Reborn is aimed to be ready around the end of May. Of course game development is not easy nor an exact science so this is a target date that could change.

    In relation to Realms the forth coming update is currently planned to include the removal of a number of restrictions upon the placing of Realm features which will enable Designers to create a larger variety of rich and unique content. I will revise the Moderation guidance to reflect these changes if necessary at the appropriate time.

    Many thanks to Snapshot for their hard work; it is much appreciated.

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  • And thanks to you Farious for the same. :)


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  • SlipperyJim wrote:And thanks to you Farious for the same. :)



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  • Yes, thank you Farious and Snapshot!

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