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If your going to add any encounter tools, be it this!

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:37 pm
by anjovi
Right now we can checks for:
Wizard alive/dead
merc in party/not in party
flag set/unset

What you need is 1 more:
Has quantity of: (Choose resource)/How much of resource

Resources include:


Someone who is clever could find ways to make use of these to add another bevy of opportunities to make unique stuff.

examples are:

side quests requiring village battles (kudos)
purchases with gold
choices to spend meta mana
goals regarding time limits

Otherwise a way to change kill wizard to kill wizard/village could be a nice addition
basically you'd have your lists of wizards, but include an extra button that says 'choose village'

You'd simply choose the village, similar to how you activate/deactivate wizard towers and town ship paths.