What to do about leaderless guilds?

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What to do about leaderless guilds?

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:53 am

We've got a situation at the moment where each guild is lead by one person.

This creates a situation where if that person stops playing on either a temporary or permanant basis, there is nobody else who is able to manage recruitment activities within that guild.

I'd like to propose that guild leaders be able to assign additional rights to members of their guild, so that if needbe the guild is able to continue functioning in the temporary absence of that original guild leader.

It may also be prudent to allow guild leadership itself to be transfered to another other guild member. This would help in a situation where a guild leader is planning on leaving the game on a permanant basis.

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Re: What to do about leaderless guilds?

Post by NoWorries » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:03 pm

Good points and agreed. More functionality = better. Though as of right now the only two in-game features that a guild leader can do is (a) rename the guild and (b) add/remember guild members. Perhaps the simplest step forward might be to allow guild leaders to toggle who can add/remover new members.

Alternatively, there is nothing presently preventing guild members with an AWOL leader to reconstitute the guild under a different Demigod+ player who is active. Yes, imperfect. But simple to unsticky an existing forum thread and allow the new iteration of a guild to shape itself. (If the AWOL guild leader comes back, then they can always get their guild thread stickied again and try to win back... or seek retribution on the in-game field of battle from... their former guild members.

Alternatively alternatively, we can have a forum Guild/Faction which has multiple in-game "guilds" that compete against each other as much as anyone else. For those who don't want to be thematic about it, they could just be in-game divisions of the same guild/league. For those guilds heavy on demigod players, could allow for an interesting form of league play.

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