Orders and Guilds - Read This First

Discussion and development of guilds, including guild lore and recruitment.
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Orders and Guilds - Read This First

Post by SlipperyJim » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:51 pm

Hi all,

Chaos Reborn allows players whose wizards have the social rank of demigod or god ("leaders") to create a guild, also known as an order in the game's lore. Each leader can create one thread that moderators will sticky to this forum. Other than general rules applicable to all forum posts, the only content restriction for stickied threads is that leaders are asked not to advance lore that cannot be reconciled with canon set forth in the Loremaster's Guide.

Stickied threads are intended to help orders and guilds to develop their identities, recruit membership, and cultivate community among players who may not be active at the same times of the day. To help with these purposes, leaders should conspicuously provide the following information about their order or guild in the first post of their stickied thread:

NAME: Its full name.
INTRODUCTION: A basic description.
IN-GAME ID: Its in-game name.
LEADER: The in-game name of its leader.
GOD: If its leader is not a god, the in-game god who its leader follows, if any.
GOALS: Its in-game purposes, objectives, and aspirations.
LORE: Its lore, if any.
OTHER INFO: Any other information that its leader deems relevant for current and prospective members.
HOW TO JOIN: Information on whether it is open to new members and how to join if it is.
TIMEZONE(S): The timezone(s) in which its leader is most active.
ROLEPLAY: Information about whether and how its members engage in roleplay.
WEBSITE: Its website, if any.

Because there are character limits on forum posts, leaders should feel free to reserve the second post of the thread for future content. The thread's original post(s) should be updated with the forum's edit tools to keep information current.

If a leader has not been active in the forums for more than two months and the order or guild appears inactive or defunct, moderators reserve the right to unsticky a thread without notice. If the leader returns or the order or guild becomes active again, moderators will be amenable to stickying it again if asked.


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