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Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:36 am

  • The Anarchy Wolves Order
    Guild of the independently willed, perhaps dominators of others but never the subjugated themselves, the Anarchy Wolves is an ancient order in which many seeking allies or friendship without being judged for past sins have found a place to call home. It is a cosmically non-aligned band of chaos, neutral and law magic practitioners with the average guildsman being one of varying experience but possibly a vicious determination to finish a fight.

    • NAME: The Anarchy Wolves Order.
    • IN-GAME ID: AnarchyWolves
    • LEADER: Farious
    • GOD: None
    • GOALS: None. Whatever you want to do, do it
    • OTHER INFO: None
    • HOW TO JOIN: Just ask Farious here, or by PM, or on the official Discord where he is sometimes known as Neowave.
    • TIMEZONE(S): Any, but requests will be handled UK Time, so GMT/BST.
    • ROLEPLAY: Feel free, but do not feature other order members without asking them first; only fair thing to do.
    • WEBSITE: None yet

    AnarchyWolves Logo.png
    Anarchy Wolves Order Heraldry
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