An Intro to the Game's Lore

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An Intro to the Game's Lore

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Chaos Reborn can be enjoyed without regard to any of its lore. That said, there is substantial lore that can deepen the gameplay experience for those with an interest in the roleplay aspects of the game. This post summarizes some of it.

Until the Great Schism in the 14th century, Earth's history was the same as we know it now, except magic-using wizards often manipulated important events. Sometimes these wizards influenced history secretly. Sometimes they made history openly. The most powerful wizards ascended to immortality and godhood. These wizards and gods are the source of many myths and legends.
At the end of the 14th century, Earth shattered into innumerable fragments in a magic-instigated apocalypse called the Great Schism. Powerful magic allows fragments of Earth to endure as habitable, island realms scattered between planes of existence.

With Earth destroyed, wizards and their gods made a new home on a magical planet called Limbo. From Limbo, these wizards and gods engage in eternal conflict over who controls the many, surviving realms of old Earth. Each realm holds the promise of ancient artifacts, lore, and power to fuel the ambitions of wizards and gods alike. It is a feudal, dystopic society of magic users.

Orders are guilds of similarly aligned wizards and their companions who cooperate together under the leadership of a wizard demigod or god. There are at least six known, non-player orders based in Limbo that operate across the realms of chaos to offer shelter for those who survived Earth's destruction. There are also all of the orders of the demigod and god-ranked players who have goals and objectives, if any, that they best express for themselves.

Wizards, also known as Egregoroi, are humans who wield magic, and they can live a few hundred of years longer than other mortals; however, they remain mortals. Alchemists, also called Nephelim, make staffs, talismans, and robes for wizards. They are the children of Egregoroi and mortal humans.

Wizards who find ways to transcend their mortal forms become gods. Gods who existed prior to the Great Schism are known as the Old Gods, the Elder Gods, or also the Later Gods; for there is lore of even older, forgotten gods who created the original world. Wizards who became (or become) gods after the Great Schism are generally known as the New Gods. Gods are effectively immortal, but their immortality is tied in some manner to the faith and belief of mortals.

The best resource is The Loremaster's Guide by Allen Stroud and Julian Gollop. You can download a free PDF copy here. Farious also has a very useful thread (here) in which he provides additional information together with helpful charts.
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