The Order of Anu

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Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:26 am

  • NAME: The Order of Anu
    INTRODUCTION: A collective that gathers creatures of all measures of cosmic polarity to unite!
    IN-GAME ID: Anu
    LEADER: Anjovi
    GOD: Unknown
    GOALS: To help keep order in the natural order & manage upkeep doing so :D
    LORE: Agents of Anu are sometimes seen wandering realms collecting amulets, runes, ankhs, and other neat little trinkets. Otherwise, they can be found meddling in varying affairs of the many domains across the shattered realms. All creatures that inhabit this existence are eligible to find their path in this union. They are known to have many dealings with the alchemist guilds of limbo. Most well-known exploits had been as allies to the Eckanar alchemists.
    OTHER INFO: We promise to not be one of those nasty pyramid schemes.
    HOW TO JOIN: Shoot that anjovi guy a message on forums or on chaos when he's online.
    TIMEZONE(S): 6pm-12pm Pacific
    ROLEPLAY: No judging here...

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