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Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:26 am

  • Suddenly, lights flicker and dim all across Limbo. A Void Storm of Unusual Size (VSOUS) coalesces in moments. Portal operation becomes erratic. Merchants, Alchemists, and Rulers across the realms stay their efforts and give pause.

    The hoary relic, the Scale of Archimedes, plunges towards the side of Chaos as if a giant's weight has been placed. The Scale's counterwheel rebounds towards Law before decoupling from the Scale and flying out through a stained-glass window. Vestal Virgin Preia wails and beats her breasts. Altar acolytes begin flailing themselves; stricken with grief. Archon Lycurgus rushes into the timeworn sanctuary; his paladin host behind him.

    "What has happened? What has destroyed what was our oath to protect?" the Archon cries out as his noble company drop their arms and fall to their knees groaning and weeping.

    Preia stops mid-scream and drops her hands from her eyes. Wide-eyed she turns toward the Archon and when she speaks all of Limbo can hear her words in their minds. She utters doom and drops to the ground, dead, still wide-eyed :shock: .

    "Contraminus is an Agent of Hegemony."
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Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:22 pm

  • A winged-helmed angel in sun-drenched neo-gothic armor circles the promenade in Pireaus upon his alabaster winged steed. Swelling waves gnash against the sea berm. Vessels wander un-moored and winds trumpet in staccato gusts. Noble hand of Justice, observing as wild Aether excludes moderation, deems the practice of the arcane too reckless for nary a cantrip. Lone paragon of a bygone time; winged-helm swivels with eyes affixed to an organ of Balance sundered.

    Agent Yogicfire dismounts from his delicate companion and, kneeling, wraps a shining talon-forged gauntlet around the Counterwheel. Shadows across Limbo winnow to wisps as torches and hearths roar with vigor. Sky clears. Birds awake to commence morning oblutions. Rooster crows. Morning breaks out upon a Limbo afternoon.

    Agent Yogicfire arrives at rendezvouz Zeta without interference. Agent Contraminus stares coldly at the Counterwheel revealed :x Agent Theregrond scans the horizon 8-) Agent Ozu initiates a hidden curiosity within enfolding robes :idea: A droning eunuch's voice emits from within Agent Ozu declaring known tomes, sacred sites, scholars, seers, and realms matching search criteria provided. Agent Contraminus testily looks from one to the other. Agent Yogicfire holds out the Counterwheel; now scored and misshapen. Counterwheel compacting to dense sphere with a gesture of his talon-tipped hand Agent Yogicfire admits the slightest shrug with his golden-hued pauldron, "This component was ever mundane." :| Agent Contraminus fires back in clipped fury, "If not the Scale's power then whence did Preia's clairvoyence spring, if not ourselves :?: "

    The surface of the Portal ripples and curls; shatters then retracts back into Agent GlassJaw's outstretched arm. The once encrypted Portal reverberates into operation rattling the coruscated bodies of Portal sentries strewn about the chamber. Agent GlassJaw speaks without turning. "Hegemony is not yet known to the stewards of the present epoch. The alpha circle of Agents theorized Hegemony's origins pre-date the Hellenic period. Do not engage this force. If encountered you are to withdraw to preserve your record." Hegemony's finest circle of Agents fall into synchronous formation before striding into one more obscure, unsuspecting realm. "Let us commence Emancipation Protocol Gamma-Epsilon" booms out as they cross the threshold.

    A moment later Agent Ozu's bizarre device emits gravitational torque collapsing the entire compound. The oasis far above transforms into an encompassing sinkhole walled by quicksand. The irreplaceable Portal is crushed apart; the first step of the siege accomplished.


    Far far whence, a Cephalopod anxiously signals the attention of its Superior. "X978-WRR#.413 Stackloss. Portal Eta-Rho DENIED Realm: Tanerac, Profitloss -%300 Q3." Cephalopod Superior gesticulates its displeasure; dozens of tentacular appendages slap subordinates mercilessly as Cephalopod Superior slowly chooses between the options before it.... :mrgreen:
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Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:40 pm

  • that is all well but,
    i do remember u saying when u were pooring all this beer in me that i could get 72 virgins if i join up
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Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:28 pm

  • Hi Stitchy, are you asking for an invite for your wizard?
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Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:26 pm

  • He's drunk, and lusting after virgins.... ignore him. ;-)

    The Guild of the Cephalopods is now recruiting - We embrace all.

    - Chief Tentacle Arranger in The Guild of the Cephalopods.
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