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Agent Yogicfire leading the Charge!

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:46 am
by Glas Masv
Hegemony dominated as whole in League games compared to other participating guilds with over 100 League victories in the
March, 2018 season. Our ethos is to teach our opponents that we are dangerous in every battle as long as our wizards live. Winning is a byproduct :)

Agent Yogicfire secured a Silver and Bronze medal in Equipped and Classic Chaos.

We are active in a number of Custom Teamplay games fulfilling another one of our major original goals. It's a ton of fun to play with a familiar team which allows us to make use of lessons from previous games in future combat. That's an advantage over randomly being paired with teammates.

Hegemony is recruiting. Join the fun. PVP/Teamplay/Realms/Lore :mrgreen:

Hegemony in May 2018

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:02 am
by Glas Masv
Hegemony continued to perform as designed in May. We have an active core of players playing together and amidst each other in Custom Asynchronous games as well as solid showings in League play.

Agent Yogicfire proved his mastery in Classic play by taking Gold in both League Classic Law & League Classic Chaos in the same month. I won a Gold for the guild in League: Equipped Chaos. I also won the Tea Cup: Equipped Chaos challenge coordinated via Discord.

With PVP covered, I'm going to focus more on the rp-flavored play. It's fun to fashion custom rules tied to a narrative-based Custom Asynch. I also want to make a more serious attempt at realm-building. Anyone interested in narrative-based play please contact me so I know who to invite. I know Othrek has been interested so that makes two.

News: Via Discord there is a rumor of a new version of Chaos Reborn as a phone app. Unfortunately, Apple Co. has rejected the Steam app so there is no way to play the pc version of Chaos Reborn on an iphone.

Those players interested in joining Hegemony should reply to this thread expressing interest or contact me via Discord for more info/guild invite. We have our own Steam Group which we use to coordinate and store our strategic/tactical theory & lore. We're also on the Chaos Reborn Wikia in the guild section. Get Dangerous! :twisted: