Lore: The Anarchy Wolves Order & Farious

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  • Origins of The Anarchy Wolves Order:-
    From a page turn out of a book found behind a rickety bookcase at Stormsheim Monastery on Limbo.

    The Anarchy Wolves Order sprung from the impromptu military alliances of a group of European aristocratic families that formed during the Second Chaos War in an attempt to protect their lives and property from the ensuring madness. Their bravery and determination on the battlefield whilst retaining a fierce sense of identity and independence eventually attracted the eye of equally minded Egregoroi who aided and eventually assumed control of the fledgling movement through an advisory military council. The council focused on night offensives and their assaults, many successful, became synonymous with the sound of howling wolves and thus soon they were referred to as the Wolf Council.

    To be continued…
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