Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #2

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Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #2

Post by NoWorries » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:42 pm

The medal counts are in for the week ending September 3, 2017. Members of the Order of Baldrlux received all of the medals awarded this week in both Law and Chaos Duels modes. Similarly, the Order topped the guild rankings in both Duel modes, edging out the noteworthy competitors of Hegemony and the Stonehouse guilds.

While Wizard King Necor did not repeat his gold medal performance in Law mode from last week, the last noted rankings had him in third place in the Law mode rankings just short of the ten-win trequired to receive a medal. He also handed Baldr a rightly humiliating defeat in an arena of wizardly combat, nearly preventing Baldr from winning the gold medal in Law mode this week.

Notable in the Chaos Duel mode was Wizard King Cel, who took the gold medal. In so doing, he handily defeated our very own Baldr, once again demonstrating that mortals have what it takes to dispense with all divinities. For both winning the gold medal in Chaos mode and for demonstrating that gods should make way for athiests, Wizard King is the new Player of the Week. (His trophy can be seen at the bottom of

As a final note, victories of the Order of Baldrlux will be more meaningful when all of the worthy, non-Order opponents we face in Duel and League competitions are members of rival guilds. The Order turns no one away; however, unless someone asks about joining, let us in seemly ways encourage worthy opponents to create or join rival guilds.

[Note: The "Player of the Week" award can be held for days, one week, or many weeks contingent upon the activity of our guild, whether someone else has earned it, and the bandwidth of our admin.]
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Re: Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #2

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:07 am

Player of the week in The Cephs this week was 'SpiteAndMalice' who deservedly earnt the acolade for making some kick ass Eggy Bread (French Toast).

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Re: Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #2

Post by celwulf » Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:59 pm

Congratulations Baldr and Baldr and Spite, you have yet again outdone yourselves!
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