Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #3

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Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #3

Post by NoWorries » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:13 pm

Cel is Player of the Week

The medal counts are in for the week ending September 10, 2017. Wizard King Cel again took the gold medal in Law Duel mode, the only wizard to qualify for a medal with the requisite ten or more wins. For this accomplished, Wizard King Cel once more is the Player of the Week. Alas, the sole medalist for Chaos Duel mode was a member of the Order of Anu, the fast-rising apprentice, Chazmus. Members of the Order are cautioned to take care when facing off against this wizard.

[Note: The "Player of the Week" award can be held for days, one week, or many weeks contingent upon the activity of our guild, whether someone else has earned it, and the bandwidth of our admin.]

Rival in-game guilds within the Order

Justifying an "it's complicated" relationship descriptor, the Order of Baldrlux now acknowledges two internal factions which fight for humanity under the aegis of the Order of Baldrlux. The in-game guild Baldrlux, led by Baldr, is now rivaled by the in-game guild Baldrnox, led by RafiRomero. While these in-game guilds both fly the banners of the Order and follow the path of Wonder and Progress first trod by Baldr, each is led by a god who seeks to neutralize the other. The competition between these internal factions of the Order is expected to be as fierce against each other as the Order now presents against all of the other guilds and orders of the fractured realms of Chaos Reborn.

Members of both in-game guilds, Baldrlux and Baldrnox, are considered full members of the Order of Baldrlux. Members can change their association between the two whenever they wish so long as they fiercely compete against all rivals within and without their guild of the moment. If a wizard wishes to join an in-game guild of the Order of Baldrlux, then they are encouraged to find out more information here.

Members of the Order seek a Demigod

Rumor abounds that some members of the Order of Baldrlux have some concern because its two major in-game guilds are led by actual gods. There is hunger for a new internal faction to arise, one led by a Demigod who will seek to destroy both of the Order's current gods to ensure that Order who seek to end the suzerainty of gods is led by a mortal.

If any Demigod wishes to try to wrest the Order of Baldrlux from the intentions of gods like Baldr and RafiRomero, they are encouraged simply to join the Order and announce themselves.
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Re: Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #3

Post by celwulf » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:19 am

Now i wont use order and guild synonymously any more :)
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Re: Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #3

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:39 am

In other news, the winner of the player of the week accolade in The Cephalopods this week was SpiteAndMalice. SpiteAndMalice wins the award this week for having a nice nanna nap. :-)

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