Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #4

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Baldrlux Gazette - Issue #4

Post by NoWorries » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:36 pm

Egeon is Player of the Week

The medal counts are in for the week ending September 17, 2017. No one earned the minimum 10 rating necessary to achieve a Law mode Duel medal, and Agent Glassjaw of the Hegemony order took the gold medal for Chaos mode duels. Baldr ecked out a silver medal for Chaos mode Duels by meeting the minimum 10 rating prerequisite. However, for Baldr making a minimum is not sufficient to earn Player of the Week accolades.

The new Player of the Week earned his accolades by being the first of the Order of Baldrlux to qualify for the elimination rounds of the STS Singles Worlds Cup 2017. For speedily qualifying to advance, King Egeon is this week's Player of the Week.

[Note: The "Player of the Week" award can be held for days, one week, or many weeks contingent upon the activity of our guild, whether someone else has earned it, and the bandwidth of our admin.]

Baldrnox Rises

Thanks to the efforts of RafiRomero, the Order of Baldrlux currently is divided in to the nox-side (Baldrnox) and the lux-side (Baldrlux). In the past week, King Cel and King Wiseus have joined with RafiRomero to end the reign of Baldr and his in-game guild over the Order of the Baldrlux.

[Note: If you play a wizard who wishes to join either the lux-side or the nox-side of the Order of Baldrlux, then please find more information here. If you play a Demigod and are open to creating another in-game guild of the Order, Baldr and RafiRomero (or at least their players) would be happy to collaborate with you.]
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