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Interest in a Newsletter?

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:35 pm
by NoWorries
Being 4 issues in to the Baldrlux Gazette, I just want to put it out there that I'm open to broadening its scope and/or renaming it to be more inclusive if there is any interest. For example, if anyone would like to make a submission in a next issue under your own by-line or another guild or pretty much anything else in-game related, I'm happy to include it. If it looks like there might be more contributors on an on-going basis, then I'm happy to rename the quasi-newsletter to be more inclusive and/or allow for rotating publishers. Perhaps something like the Wizards' Weekly?

Re: Interest in a Newsletter?

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:39 am
by celwulf
Wizards' Weekly sounds great. It could chronicle events that would otherwise be lost in the abyss of time.

Re: Interest in a Newsletter?

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:45 pm
by SpiteAndMalice
I don't know about weekly, but I'd happily contribute from time to time.

Re: Interest in a Newsletter?

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:40 am
by Glas Masv
I'll contribute. I have a column in mind called Chaos Theory. What is the deadline for Issue #5? Fan-fic would also be fun to try sometime. A narrative battle-report be fun I think. Saw a tad of that in the one line synopsis following the classic chaos tourney games in the World's Cup. Whoever wins the World's Cup owes it to themselves to brag in the newsletter.

I suggest a Newsletter that exists for contributing guilds. If a guild contributes content for that issue then this Newsletter mentions its results in Duels or re-mentions medals won via League. Every contributing guild can present it's full roster so the guilded know who is with who. It would help to have guild rosters concentrated in one location in any case.

(A possible lore background for a U.N.-style tower combining the knowledge of Limbo and the Gods)

I suggest that while Egregoroi have evolved in their methods and capacities to create a burgeoning generation of new gods so too have the Nephilim had a bumper-crop generation. The Nephilim worry that their expanded power will be culled by the Egregoroi once they've determined the new pecking order among themselves. Loremasters, Alchemists, and Citadel Engineers have agreed on a plan designed to tame conflict between the Gods while demonstrating the usefulness of stronger Nephilim potentates. A great Tower has been constructed out of what were recently the largest towers in Limbo. This tallest tower combines a massive collection of Limbo's knowledge under one roof. Word is passed throughout the alchemists' portal networks that each floor of the Tower is an embassy for the Egregoroi power-center that regularly adds more knowledge to the Tower. As knowledge accrues in the Tower the structure would attract more embassies who then add to the knowledge base in their turn. The Nephilim circulate a document to each embassy after deadline that passes on the news, comings and goings, challenges, results, memoirs, contributed knowledge, and perspectives of the Great Powers.

Will the establishment of diplomatic relations between Egregoroi and the pressure to keep providing relevant knowledge that is unshared if not unknown to other factions be enough to postpone a "War Between All" that would hasten the predicted culling of Limbo's transhuman lords? Even now the first embassies are granted access to their floor. The great game has commenced..

The above is a suggestion. I left out the name of this Tower. I also left out the name of the document passed around which so far is titled the Baldrlux Gazette. Cheers.