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  • Thanos wrote:I'm down to play pretty much anytime but it's best to have at least 3 people I think. I just bought the next two DLC classes (Goblin Shaman and Jester) so we now have more classes to play with. :)

    If one person buys them does that make them available to anyone?

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  • As long as they host the game I think yes. We have been abusing Thanos for this :)


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  • Yeah I have all the current DLCs. So it just makes sense for me to host the games when I am available. Speaking of which... we haven't played in a while. My availability has been low due to the holidays but if anyone wants to play in the next week or so let me know.
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  • I'd be down for a game tonight. ;) Re: next week, not sure about my schedule yet, so hard to tell atm.
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  • Was told there are chaos reborn players who also like talisman.

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  • Big thread reactivation time! :lol: I really feel like playing some Talisman. Would anyone be up for a game?

    Btw: Anyone know Thanos' Steam ID, I can't recall it and I remember he's got all the DLC for Talisman. 8-)
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