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  • Hey Spite & the rest of the clan - I kind of challenged The Benevolent Order of Mages to a fight - you guys up for it or do I have to take em on my own?

    everything else is to be agreed, chaos\law\classic\equipped\live\asynch\knockout\best of three\1v1\other.........etc etc.....

    In fact I just slapped one of them with a tentacle and we agreed to a fight, we didn't really get much further.

    How many active members do we have?

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  • last i heard we were going by the Boomtown Rats...

    Spite changes it all the time...

    Anyway, I'm down for a brawl.

    Prefer equipped but down for whatever...
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  • I'll lend you my maw!

    Chaos Modes for me, prefer classic, but I'll play equipped under sufferance (I'm back after 10 Feb)

    I was thinking that we'd go with 'Laser Squids'

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  • Last week of Feb can be done as long as The Bean and bejebus are free :)


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  • are we talking asyncs or live ?

    Bit surprised to find this in off-topic. Seems very much on topic to me!
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  • depends on availability I guess, if it's easy timezone wise and availability I could do a live night like we do for Spite Nights.

    If not we could line up best of 3's asynch - each player would have three matches against a player from the other team - all started at the same time - best of 3 scores a point for the other team - then we don't need to bother with VP's (if it's 1 win each and a draw they would have to play an additional match with VP's on)

    I put it in off topic really because it was just a roll call to see if the rest of the gang would join me - looks like we're on so I'll start a thread over in tourneys over the weekend.

    Would you guys prefer live or asynch?

    How many players do you have up for it and we'll try to match that number?
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  • Ready and willing!
    In Gary We Trust
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