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  • Not Chaos Reborn related but, anyone picked up Total Film and SFX Magazine's Ultimate Guide to Zombies?

    You'll find the main introduction article from me on pages 8-11... :D
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  • I'm on the Elite Dangerous Reddit at 7pm GMT answering questions on Elite Dangerous and Chaos Reborn.
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  • "...this will certainly tickle your staff."

    What if you don't employ any staff?

    Oh wait, that's not what the reviewer meant, was it...?

    I usually don't trust any review that begins along the lines of "I normally hate this kind of stuff..." because, really, why the hell are you reviewing it then? However, it turned out for the best. Can't wait to read the book, Allen, and good luck with sales!
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  • Review on eXplorminate

    Article link publicly shared by @Spratus.
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