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  • Back when Chaos reborn was in its early stages the used to be a cup match where you had to chose Law, Neutral or Chaos team sides to play on. Where you had the team of your choice on your side and I there was to or three player team based where you would enter a game and have the chosen side on you team. The team with the most points would win the cup at the end of the mouth. There used to be other types of cups across the month and they would change each month when the date had ended.

    It be cool to have this as a mode in chaos or in spite night.

    So if you was neutral for eg you had a neutral team mate.

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  • Do you mean on lawandchaos? I think I know the one you mean. Either way I'd open to trying to set something up like this (or to give you/anyone else a hand if they wanted to).

    I'm actually trying to get a tournament going at the moment that involves different staffs without talismans. It's called The Wizard of Many Colours (in the tournaments forum). You're welcome to join if interested. It is async mind.

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