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Post by SpiteAndMalice » Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:56 am

At the moment there's nothing in the game that allows a player to measure their long term progress in comparison to other players.

Wizard level is just a measure of how often you've played. Social ranking sounds like it will only duplicate this.

Long term ELO haa been hinted at as something that is coming, but I think much more could be made available.

Top 100 boards showing:
Number of wins.
Win percentage (min no of games played)
Number of draws
Draw percentage
Tournament medals
Tournament victories
Realms conquered
Games played

Many of these could then be filtered by player number and match type. You'd show the top 100 rankings in each case and also show the player's position/stats in order to allow them to make comparison. It'd give players, new and old, something to aim at.

A tournament history page showing the winners of each tournament since their inception would also be very nice. Tournaments in general are very transitory at the moment. Does anyone know who won the Equipped Chaos monthly in Dec 15?

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