Is there a planned date for the next Update

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  • Have been reading some of the posts and there is a mention a major update.

    Has a date been planned/set for this update?

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  • The next update is probably gonna be the language support. When? I have no bloody clue.
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  • I imagine not, though all localization across the board for the game is being tested (seems all of the foundation + work has been laid out)

    I'm interested to see what other tweaks make it in. Mana flux objectives sound interesting.
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  • TΛPETRVE wrote:The next update is probably gonna be the language support. When? I have no bloody clue.

    Snapshot will soon be planning what the contents of CR's update are. The actual delivery date will of course depend upon the time it takes to test and implement them.

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  • From our freindly dev's twitter account ... 8229903361

    My guess and I really hope I am wrong but my guess is, localization and all the bug fixes the CGR has sorted.

    With luck there may be other things
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