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  • Whilst waiting for live matches to start, would it be feasible for players to be able to make asynch moves or even spectate other matches?

    I would of thought that doing so would help keep players in the game for both game formats; if you like live games, you've at least got something to do whilst waiting for a match to start, which makes the asynch community more active; and the asynch part of the community are more likely to queue for live games if they're able to keep playing asynch whilst they wait.

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  • Can't you already do this?
    Certainly you used to be able to do both asynchs and even realms while waiting for a live game. I think spectate was awkward, but possible. I can't check this myself right now.
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  • you cant so this.

    be it waiting for a ranked game or custom.

    access to your async games is greyed out
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