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  • Can we have an update on the update please as it kind of feels its either lost in the mists of time or a long while before it arrives.

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  • Hi,
    We're working through a long list of translation-related problems, and also resolving the issues with the custom games.
    I'd certainly hope to see an update to the beta branch once we've made some more progress with fixes.

    The league competition results should be fixed once the update lands.

    Procedural maps for 5 and 6 players may happen, but certainly not in the next update.

    Duel/ league-guild rankings are not being removed - have you played some duels/ guild league games? You need to have for the rankings to display.
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  • CGR wrote:Procedural maps for 5 and 6 players may happen, but certainly not in the next update.


    SPITE NIGHT 22! - Thursday 27 July at 20:00 GMT on the Chaos Reborn discord channel.

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  • good call on proc gen for 5-6 players. I've been REALLY enjoying the 1-4 proc gen maps, and extending the functionality of this for 5-6 will be worth it me thinks....especially considering the options it'll open up down the line.
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